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Gout Treatment
Thermomedic FIR
Healing Gloves
Safe, non-toxic cotton
blend fibre with 6%
active ingredient for
non-invasive pain
Therapy Gloves
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Gout Pain
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Cold Hands

Thermomedic FIR
Therapy Gloves

Relieve sore,
aching hands with
these best selling
thermal gloves

Price: $29.95
FIR Therapy Socks
provides soothing
relief & improves
circulation so are
the ideal choice for
the treatment of
gout & joint pain.
Medical Socks
Thermomedic gout treatment Socks assist to relieve pain, improve circulation while offering anti-bacterial qualities for reduced odour & improved therapeutic benefit.
Healing Therapy Gloves with far infrared treatment.
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What Is The Best Treatment For Gout Pain?

Suffer with Painful Joints?  
Is your Toe Joint Causing you Agony?

It May Be That You Have Gout.....if so then read on.

If you suffer with gout then you know how difficult this condition can be. Simply,
gout affects your joints. Small crystals of uric acid, which is one of your body's
normal waste products, form in and around the joint to cause inflammation,
swelling and pain.

Generally, your body rids itself of extra uric acid through the kidneys but for
some people this process is impeded. Uric acid levels build up to form crystals.

Who Is Afflicted With Gout?
Mostly, men between 40 and 50 years of age, as well as older people who take
diuretics to assist their body excrete excess fluid.

It is rarer for women to be affected by gout before menopause.

What Are The Symptoms Of Gout?
The symptoms of gout are hard to miss. Gout comes on fast. Your joint
becomes red, swollen and very painful. Gout often affects one joint at a time,
usually your big toe, however, elbows, hands and other joints may be affected
as well.

Left untreated a gout attack may last up to a week. Without treatment the
attacks can occur more frequently, risking permanent damage to your joints.

Gout is generally caused by your kidneys not flushing out the uric acid quickly
enough and this condition can run in families. Risk factors may include drinking
alcohol, dehydration, being overweight or over-eating. Crash diets, fasting and
some foods may also bring on an attack of gout in some people.

If you suffer gout attacks it is recommended you seek medical advice but there
are some things that you can also do to help yourself. Doctors recommend you
reduce alcohol intake and don't consume large quantities at any one time.

Did you know that gout attacks are more common in beer and spirit drinkers?

What Can I Do To Help Relieve My Gout Symptoms?
Take regular exercise and loose weight if you are over-weight. Thermomedic
therapy socks
are an ideal choice to help reduce joint pain to assist with
regular exercise.

Thermomedic medical socks with negative ion therapy to assist improve
circulation in your feet and lower legs to lower uric acid levels to help reduce
the incidence of gout flare-ups and ease inflammation and sharp joint pain. Far
infrared therapy socks for
gout pain and inflammation are a safe and natural
gout treatment that does not require a doctor's prescription.

The FDA advisory committee recommend that gout sufferers modify their diet
to reduce the intake of high purine foods such as red meat, shell fish, beer and
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