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Far Infrared Therapy Treatment For Fast Pain Relief

Get Soothing Pain Relief Fast! 

Heat therapy for your aches and chronic pain using far infrared thermal wraps and functional garments is safe, effective and so easy!

Helping you to live life, free from the limitation of pain, discomfort and injury!

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It's All About Feeling Great! 

Get the freedom to live your life the way you want every day- without the anguish of aching joints, nagging pain or general discomfort! Thermomedic aid in the relief of pain and discomfort

Exceptional Pain Relief For Aching Bodies!

Thermal  clothing, compression-wear  and  orthopaedic  joint supports  may assist  to  enhance  your own  body's  natural  healing  power  for  improved  recovery  and rehabilitation  from  injury,  surgery  or  just  everyday  aches  and  pains.


Recommended for the treatment of chronic pain, injury or disease, Thermomedic braces, joint supports and therapy garments are safe, natural and effective.


Far Infrared Therapy Gloves, arthritis gloves, raynauds gloves


How Do Thermomedic Therapy Garments Work?

Far infrared therapy clothes aid in the relief of pain and discomfort associated with arthritis, degenerative joint disease, injury, poor circulation, numbness, tingling or surgery by giving:

  • Soothing warmth generated by the scientifically-advanced fibres which comfort and improve circulation for enhanced healing power
  • Compression to reduce swelling, maintain correct joint position and relieve discomfort
  • Protection for sore, injured areas to prevent re-injury and over-exertion for better healing and gentle care.

Thermal therapy has long been appreciated for gentle, soothing pain relief, enhanced healing and as a safe, effective natural treatment.



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With Thermomedic, you're free to create your own personal treatment plan to suit your needs with a full line of braces, joint supports and functional garments.

    Our orthopedic compression-wear, joint supports and functional garments are designed:
    • For comfortable, easy everyday wear
    • To aid muscle recovery, support weakened joints and improve circulation
    • To help ease your pain, soreness and swelling
    • With advanced fibre technology to reduce odour, perspiration and skin irritation


       Pain Relief for Hip Replacement Surgery with Far Infrared Healing


      Can Thermomedic Therapy Garments Help Ease Pain?

      Yes, because our customers tell us Thermomedic Therapy Garments naturally work to help ease their chronic pain, soothe aching joints and relax sore muscles.


      Thermomedic compression-wear gives light to firm support to help stabilise weakened joints. They provide a superior level of joint support using a combination of stretch and non-stretch materials to help relieve symptoms associated with sprains, strains, arthritis, repetitive stress injuries and prevent to help re-injury.


      Our far infrared therapy clothes offer adjustable levels of compression, joint support and soothing, therapeutic warmth to aid in the relief of pain, swelling, muscle ache, strains and soreness. 

      At Thermomedic Therapy Garments® we are dedicated to improved health, feeling well and enjoying life at work, sport and play, every day!


      Thermomedic Therapy Garments® was founded in 2007 with one aim... to help people suffering chronic pain and discomfort to enjoy soothing, effective pain relief, naturally and affordably.


       Best Knee Braces For Arthritis pain, knee pain, knee support, far infrared therapy knee support



      We all know that our health care and our medical treatments need to be wisely considered, so here are a few tips to help you manage your complementary therapy treatments for the best possible results:

      • Before starting any new treatment for your arthritis, carpal tunnel, RSI, Raynaud's Disease or other health complaint, it's recommended you first get an accurate diagnosis from your doctor or physiotherapist. This means you are getting the best treatment for your condition.
      • Know what benefits you could expect from your treatment
      • Consider how your complimentary therapy works to help you achieve symptom relief, especially if you take prescribed medication, too
      • How can you best use your therapy treatment to ensure you gain maximum health benefit


      Far Infrared Therapy Socks for diabetic neuropathy pain, Raynaud's Disease, compression socks


      How Does Far Infrared Therapy Work?

      Far infrared therapy clothes aid in the relief of pain and discomfort associated with arthritis, neuropathy, injury and disease

      Orthopedic supports and braces with thermal therapy have been shown to be effective in the prevention of injury and provide relief for musculo-skeletal pain as a result of injury or other chronic condition.

      In fact, a comprehensive study conducted in the US on the use of thermal back supports for prevention of injury in the work place, found there was a 34% reduction in injuries after the back-support policy was introduced.

      Scientific studies have validated thermal complementary therapies for pain relief and reduced inflammation disorders in such diseases, as lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. 



      Far Infrared Therapy socks, mens socks, diabetic socks, raynauds socks, thermal socks


      How Can I Get My Therapy Clothes and Therapy Gloves?

      You can get your orthopedic joint supports and far infrared therapy clothes delivered to your door without the inconvenience and expense of visiting a shop or clinic.

      And, with Thermomedic, a leading health care provider, continuously researching and refining these medical breakthrough, that's peace of mind you can trust!

      Did you know that many health insurers allow you to claim for your therapy clothes? This means you can enjoy feeling better without the worry of expensive medicines or their unpleasant side effects.

      Find out more about how to get your safe, natural pain relief, here.




      Best pain relief for knee pain and arthritic knee joints


      How Can Thermomedic Therapy Garments Help Me?

      You want the right therapeutic product to get the job done properly. So this is why choosing the right therapy garment to suit you is most important to ensure optimum healing benefits.

      Wearing a far infrared thermal clothes is all about natural, soothing and gentle pain relief.

      Thermomedic Therapy Garments ergonomically-correct, soothing therapy clothes with advanced medical-grade fibres include design features to help protect your skin, joints and body for better pain relief, improved circulation and enhanced joint mobility.

      A safe, gentle treatment, they are the ideal choice to wear for long term treatment for work, sport, around the home or whilst resting.

      Designed as an aid for the simple and effective care of muscle ache, joint pain and injury to ligaments or tendons by combining compression support with natural heat for the temporary relief of sports injuries, degenerative joint disease, surgery, poor circulation and repetitive strain syndrome.


      Order your far infrared therapy clothes now and get FREE shipping!



      Far Infrared Therapy Gloves For Raynauds Disease, Carpal Tunnel Gloves and RSI Wrist Braces


      Why Are Thermomedic Therapy Garments So Popular?

      While the soothing qualities of gentle warmth and deep heat have long been effective for comfort and relaxation, far infrared heat therapy goes a step further.
      Providing fast pain relief and improved healing benefits for chronic pain, muscle ache or speeding up recovery following injury or surgery, Thermomedic therapeutic heat helps provide chronic pain relief in 3 ways:
      •     Heat therapy dilates the blood vessels which increases the flow of oxygen to your sore muscles, to aid in the repair of damaged tissue
      •     Heat stimulates the sensory receptors in your skin, which can decrease sensations of pain to relieve discomfort
      •     Heat application facilitates relaxation of sore, tight muscles to reduce stiffness, increase in flexibility and enhance overall feeling of comfort.

      There are several other significant benefits of Thermomedic's heat therapy which make it so effective to ease your pain. Far infrared heat therapy clothes are affordable, convenient and safe to wear, even for long term treatment!
      Heat therapy is so easy to use - you can use it at home while relaxing, while at work or even driving in the car.

      Even better news is that thermal therapy works best when combined with other treatment modalities, including compression and exercise. Which is why Thermomedic Therapy Garments are recommended by physiotherapists and sports professionals.
      In fact, heat therapy is so popular simply because it is a safe, non-invasive and non-pharmaceutical form of chronic pain relief.


      Order your far infrared therapy clothes now and get FREE shipping!


       Far Infrared Thermal Therapy Gloves for cold hands and fingers.

      The Long-Term Health Benefits of Thermal Therapy

      Since far infrared thermal therapy works to improve localised circulation, repeated application helps to relieve symptoms associated with chronic pain and injury. Heat treatment may assist to enhance joint function in those patients living with arthritis, trigger finger, RSI and Raynaud's Disease.

      This means impaired vascular function can be improved if you suffer with lifestyle-related diseases, including, diabetes, nerve damage or poor circulation. 

      It seems that the benefits of far infrared heat treatment are also a promising therapy for patients suffering with unpleasant side-effects caused by prescription medication.

      And even better news is, that thermal therapy may help play a preventive role for life-style related health conditions, too.

      Doctors tell us that physical exercise is a highly effective therapy if you live with type 2 diabetes. So, does far infrared therapy treatment simulate similar beneficial effects of exercise? It seems the answer is yes!

      Many people report improved sleep patterns and an increased general sense of well-being with regular use of heat therapy. In fact, far infrared heat treatment may be especially helpful for patients who are unable to exercise.

      These benefits could result from increased blood flow to skeletal muscles, reduced levels of pain and enhanced joint function. This means that you may enjoy the health benefits of exercise simply by wearing far infrared functional garments!


      Order your far infrared therapy clothes here and get FREE shipping!






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