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Thermomedic Therapy Garments

 Thermal  clothing, compression-wear  and  orthopaedic  joint supports  may assist  to  enhance  your own  body's  natural  healing  power  for  improved  recovery  and rehabilitation  from  injury,  surgery  or  just  everyday  aches  and  pains.

Helping  you  to  live  life,  free  from  the  limitation  of  pain,  discomfort  and  injury!

Far Infrared Therapy Clothes For Pain, Sports Injury and Post-Operative CareFar Infrared Therapy Palm Supports For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Arthritis Pain and Wrist PainFar Infrared Therapy Gloves For Hand Pain, Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Cold FingersFar Infrared Thermal Knee Supports For Arthritic Knee Pain and Sports InjuryFar Infrared Therapy Vest, Funtional Garments and Thermal Clothes For Natural Pain ReliefFar Infrared Therapy Clothes For Pain, Sports Injury and Post-Operative Care


Thermal  therapy  has  long  been  appreciated  for  gentle, soothing  pain  relief,  enhanced  healing  and  as  a  safe,  effective  natural treatment.

Exceptional  Pain  Relief  For  Aching  Bodies!


Thermomedic Therapy Garments® was founded in 2007 with one aim... to help people suffering chronic pain and discomfort to enjoy soothing, effective pain relief, naturally and affordably.

It's all about feeling great!

 Our orthopaedic compression wear, joint supports and functional garments are designed:
  • for comfortable, easy everyday wear
  • to aid muscle recovery, support weakened joints and improve circulation
  • help ease pain, soreness and swelling
  • with advanced fibre technology to reduce odor, perspiration and skin irritation
At Themomedic Therapy Garments® we are dedicated to improved health, feeling well, and enjoying life at work, sport and play, every day!





     Ankle Brace For Ligament Damage and Ankle Joint Pain