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How Can Far Infrared Help Ease My Pain & Discomfort?

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Far Infrared Thermal Therapy For Arthritis Pain Relief

Technological advances have provided new techniques for delivering FIR radiation to the human body. With the development of advanced fibre technology, the health benefits from thermal radiation generated by functional clothing have become effective, easy to use and convenient sources for therapeutic benefit.

In fact, garments made from fibers impregnated with FIR emitting nanoparticles are an increasingly popular modality to deliver soothing, thermal therapy benefits without the risk of unpleasant side-effects.

Do I Need To Worry About Batteries?
The good news is that the use of FIR textiles in medical application means no external power source is required since they rely on the natural warming energy from your own body. The benefit of their low irradiance is that they do not 'heat-up' soft tissue so, unlike infrared lamps, won't burn your skin.

How Do Far Infrared Therapy Garments Work?
Wearing far infrared therapy garments works by absorbing and re-radiating the natural heat of your body back into the injured area. This is because the polyester blend fabric with fine bio-ceramic particles embedded in the fibre is better at retaining and radiating heat than regular fabrics.

Thermomedic Therapy Garments With Far Infrared Thermal Healing

The time taken to feel the effects may vary, depending on your individual health and the nature of your complaint. If your condition has developed over an extended period of time, it may take some time to feel improvement.

Remember, also, it's important to rest and care for the affected area to avoid further aggravation and to allow your body to fully heal.

You may feel an immediate sense of relief, or feel a more gradual improvement and soothing comfort with continual use over time. This is because, as with most things, everyone's level of pain, health and personal response to treatment can be very different.

Is There Any Research About Far Infrared Therapy?
Several studies have investigated far infrared therapy in the treatment of chronic health problems, such as joint pain and rheumatoid arthritis and found evidence of benefit.

For example, the findings of a review published by the U.S. National Center for Biotechnology Information into the biological effects and medical applications of far infrared radiation, concluded that “fibers impregnated with FIR emitting ceramic nanoparticles and woven into fabrics, are being used as garments and wraps to generate FIR radiation and attain health benefits from its effects.”

Are There Any Side Effects Caused By Far Infrared Therapy?
The good news is that, unlike many medications, no adverse effects have been reported, so, if you're suffering with joint pain, cold hands, poor circulation, numb or tingling feet you can choose Thermomedic's far infrared therapy garments for gentle, safe and affordable care.

Is Far Infrared Therapy A Cure For Pain?
While there is no quick cure for pain caused by illness, degenerative joint disease or sporting injury, Thermomedic thermal joint supports and compression wear may assist ease pain, improve localized circulation and enhance joint mobility to help you get on with your busy life style!

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