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Why Exercise Is Good For Kids, Too!

Did You Know That Exercise In Early Life Affects Your Gut Health?

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The reason is simple. Our guts contain over 100 trillion microorganisms which colonize our intestines shortly after birth. Critical to our immune system's development, gut flora can add as many as 5 million genes to our overall genetic profile. This means our gut flora has a powerful influencing force upon the physiology, or in other words, the function of our bodies.

Gut bacteria create a natural, protective barrier, helping your body to be less susceptible to infection while promoting better digestive enzyme activity. Studies have found that some forms of gut bacteria impact the activity of some host genes which influence nutrient absorption, metabolism and development of the nervous system.

In fact, medical specialists sometimes refer to the human gut as the 'second brain' because the enteric nervous system can trigger emotional shifts and influence our behaviour.

Researchers concluded that a healthy gut community may promote healthy brain function with natural antidepressant effects.

While scientist have not yet identified the precise age range to begin exercise for the health of our gut microbe community, medical results suggest the earlier we get active, the better!

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