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How Can Compression Gloves Help Arthritis Hand Pain?

How Can Compression Gloves Help Arthritis Hand Pain?

Did you know that your hands are one of the most complex anatomical structures in your body which are capable of performing highly sophisticated functions? This means injury, pain or degenerative disease to our hands and fingers can have a most debilitating impact upon our daily lives! So, how can compression gloves help improve arthritis hand pain?

Chronic inflammatory diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis, cause pain, joint stiffness and swelling which can lead to impaired hand function and permanent damage.

Often doctors prescribe anti-inflammatory medication, steroid injections, physiotherapy and hand orthoses to assist to improve overall hand function. As a last resort, surgical intervention may be recommended.

Well, the good news is that the use of therapy gloves is widely recommended by occupational therapists as a safe, non-invasive and effective rehabilitative treatment for patients living with arthritis and impaired hand function. In fact, such clinical evidence has also been supported by studies, including that conducted by McKnight and Kwoh which concluded, that wearing therapy gloves provided a positive impact on patients’ hand functioning.

Thermomedic therapy gloves are designed as an aid in the symptomatic relief of arthritic hand pain, providing warmth and protection for sore joints. Further, wearing pressure gradient gloves can help to increase skin and joint temperature for improved blood flow and reduced pain by supplying oxygenated blood and nutrients to the inflamed tissues, for better healing to assist ease symptoms of pain and swelling. Far Infrared Health Gloves provide long-lasting, soothing relief

Choosing a glove for superior fit and comfort is vital, since for enhanced therapeutic benefit, therapy gloves are recommended to be worn for long periods, such as while sleeping. This means that it is essential your gloves not only provide warmth and compression but allow your skin to breath, naturally.

So, if physical constraints caused by injury or disease, or just general wear and tear limit your lifestyle, try far infrared therapy gloves to help you get on with your busy day! Find out how you can get them delivered straight to your door!



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