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How Does Diet Soft Drinks Contribute To Type 2 Diabetes?

Did you know soft drinks are linked to higher risk of Type 2 DiabetesDo you know that over the past ten years, scientific evidence shows that diet soft drinks offer no health benefits over any other regular sugary soft drink? Even worse, the rate of Type 2 diabetes is 60% higher among those people who regularly drink diet soft drinks every day.

A recent study published in The American Journal of Nutrition found that both standard soft drinks and diet drinks were linked to higher rates of Type 2 Diabetes! Further, medical studies have found that those people who have the highest intake of high fat dairy actually had significantly lower risk of Type 2 Diabetes.

Another study of 80,000 women showed that drinking a can of sugary drink every day increased their risk of gout by 75% higher over women who rarely consumed soft drink.

So, how does drinking soft drink cause Type 2 Diabetes?

Studies show a clear link between consumption of beverages like soda and developing metabolic syndrome problems.

While obesity, lack of regular exercise and your family history of diabetic disease are the most likely risk factors for developing type 2 diabetes, it is your diet which is the greatest predictor of diabetes.

This means that sugary soft drinks play a major role in your weight and overall health because the consumption of soft drinks has repeatedly been identified as a risk factor for weight gain and diabetes. According to a Harvard Study, men and women who drank one or more soft drinks a day had a 25 percent increase with problems controlling their blood sugar and a 50 percent increased risk of developing metabolic syndrome.

Sadly, now the most common syndrome in the world, symptoms of metabolic syndrome include a tendency to diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol and triglyceride abnormalities, as well as excess fat around your belly.

So the message here is that it is important to choose your fluids carefully!

So what is the best option? Drink plenty of water and eat fresh fruit to satisfy your sweet cravings. How does this help you? This is because people who drink excess sugary soft drinks tend to suffer with overweight issues and eat less healthfully!

In fact, after water, coffee and tea are the two most frequently consumed beverages. Full of antioxidants, flavonoids and biologically active substances, this means that they are also a great choice for your good health!

Want some delicious, healthy diabetic recipes to help you beat the soft drink cravings. We all love a tasty snack!

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