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Is Alcohol A Direct Cause of Seven Forms of Cancer?

Is Alcohol a direct cause of seven ​​forms of cancer?

Is Alcohol A Direct Cause of Seven ​​Forms of Cancer?

Well, yes, according to research with evidence accumulated over recent years which implicates alcohol in the development of breast, colon, liver and other types of cancer. Researchers in biochemical pharmacology at the Imperial College London state the science showing alcohol’s role in cancer is well established.

Further, it seems that a drinker’s risk increases in relation to the amount of alcohol consumed. Having alcohol-free days each week could be a good way to cut down on the amount you’re drinking and Dry July is finding increased popularity.

Dry July encourages people to give up alcohol for the month of July and raise funds for cancer patients and their families and carers. Taking part in Dry July gives you the chance to also focus on yourself - notice your own drinking habits and the value of a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Fortunately, there is evidence that drinkers who give up alcohol may reverse their risk of laryngeal, pharyngeal and liver cancer and their risk reduces the longer they avoid alcohol.

So what can you do to get healthy? Drink fresh water to maintain hydration. Hydration is a key element to ensuring your peak physical and mental performance since our body water content declines with age, from around 75% for babies to 60% for adults.

According to research there is some confusion about the effects of dehydration. In fact, only a third of Australians can recognise key symptoms, such as lethargy.

Enjoying a fresh juice or fruit smoothy is a delicious alternative to alcohol! Juicing is also a valuable way to include more servings of vegetables and fruits to your diet if you are in active treatment, have chewing, swallowing or digestive problems and are struggling with excess weight loss due to your cancer treatment.

Enjoy your fresh juice with a serving of protein and a small amount of fat. This is because protein balances out the carbohydrates in the juice while fat helps your body absorb fat-soluble nutrients from the juice.

Interested in healthy recipes? Find yummy healthy recipes here.

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