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Is This The Cure For Fibromyalgia?

What is the best management of fibromyalgia?Do you know the latest recommendations for managing fibromyalgia pain by the European League Against Rheumatism endorses regular exercise as the strongest evidence-based therapy? In fact, non-pharmacologic fibromyalgia treatments are considered to be the best starting point for treating the symptoms of fibromyalgia.

These recommendations are in agreement with other clinical studies from Australia, Israel, Canada and Germany where fibromyalgia patients reported they found exercise to be very helpful in alleviating pain intensity, fatigue and depression to enhance their quality of life.

The use of an appropriate, individualised exercise program of moderate intensity for twenty to thirty minutes, two or three times each week was endorsed unanimously by EULAR because of the positive effect on pain, better sleep, improved physical function and enhanced sense of well-being. Further, the ease of availability and low cost makes exercise a safe choice to ease the symptoms of fibromyalgia.

The panel at European League Against Rheumatism specifically advised against the use of growth hormones, sodium oxybate, strong opioids and corticosteroids due to their lack of efficacy and the high risk of side effects for patients.

In line with other research, it was recommended that fibromyalgia patients suffering with severe disability should make behavioral changes, including maintaining physical activity as well as be prescribed multi-modal treatments rather than individual therapies.

Further, the Mayo Clinic suggests that exercise increases endorphin levels and helps reduce inflammation.

However, if you suffer fibromyalgia, with painful tender points, muscle ache or chronic fatigue, exercise is often the last thing you feel like. The good news is that thermal therapy can ease symptoms of chronic pain, relax sore muscles and support weakened joints to help you get active without the pain. The soothing warmth imparted by far infrared therapy assists to improve circulation, enhance mobility and ease the pain, naturally.

Thermomedic Therapy Garments, compression-wear and joint supports with far infrared are designed as a simple and effective aid to gently relieve symptoms associated with fibromyalgia. Recommended by doctors and physiotherapists, Thermomedic therapy clothes are a safe, affordable treatment option.

So, while exercise is not some magic pill or cure for fibromyalgia, enjoying a daily walk, swimming or a low-impact exercise program means that you can get fitter and healthier for an improved quality of life with less reliance upon prescription medication.

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