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 Far Infrared Therapy Elbow Brace for sore elbow pain relief and chronic rheumatoid arthritis symptoms

We sat down with Andrea Cameron from Thermomedic Therapy Garments to find out more about how far infrared therapy treatment can help ease joint pain, muscle ache and general soreness.

In a wide-ranging discussion, Andrea talked about the expectations of patients suffering with pain and discomfort caused by disease, injury or illness, including, chronic rheumatoid arthritis, Raynaud's Disease and carpal tunnel syndrome. 

This included the importance of maintaining a positive outlook, good working relationships with health care providers, as well as the benefit of incorporating natural, non-pharmaceutical treatment options.Far Infrared Therapy Elbow Brace for sore elbow pain relief and chronic rheumatoid arthritis symptoms

She recognises the enduring challenge for many people suffering with chronic pain to effectively manage their symptoms against the cost and the side-effects sometimes caused by prescription medication, especially over the long term.

"It creates challenges,” she says, describing it as "an everyday reality for many people living with chronic pain."

"We do need to understand everyone's response to pain is uniquely different which means their response to treatment will be most individual, too. This includes far infrared thermal therapy. If a health condition has developed over a number of years, it will be reasonable to expect that relief may not always be instant," Cameron confirms.

Using soothing thermal therapy compression wear, symptoms of pain and discomfort ease for improved relief and general sense of well-being. So, with time, adequate care and rest, long-term improvement will help you enjoy an active and busy lifestyle!

“Individuals suffering with chronic heath issues rightly argue for access to affordable, safe and effective medical care. But often, due to their circumstances, including personal finances, location and the availability of health care professionals– their needs may not be adequately met.”

This is just one reason why Thermomedic offer safe, non-pharmaceutical therapies specially designed to aid in the treatment of chronic pain, joint stiffness, muscle ache and nerve damage. The benefits of choosing a more effective and gentle pain relief treatment include, the reduced risk of unpleasant side-effects, better affordability and greater safety for long-term care.

Thermomedic Therapy Garments are proudly Australian. We want to ensure that people living with pain, discomfort or injury have access to natural pain relief solutions, no matter where they live.

Designed to enhance your own body's natural healing power, far infrared thermal therapy clothes, compression-wear and joint supports are the safe choice in natural health care. Find out more about getting your far infrared thermal therapy here.

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