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Raynaud's Disease- News About The Latest Treatment For Chilled Fingers!

Far Infrared Therapy Gloves For Raynauds Disease.

Did you know that the Thermomedic team is gearing up for a chilly northern winter this year?

Andrea Cameron, the team’s Chief Communications Officer, reveals that thorough research and interviews with Raynaud’s sufferers has clearly identified the most important features needed to help alleviate Raynaud's symptoms. This means Thermomedic therapy gloves are a safe, self-heated glove that is designed to aid in the treatment of chilled, blue fingers and hands using smart fibre technology.

In fact, what is most interesting about the bio-ceramic fibre technology is that it offers you a soothing, gentle warmth without the risk of burns, which might occur with batteries or other power sources, especially for those people with weakened hands or delicate skin.

What Are The Best Far Infrared Therapy Gloves for Raynaud's Disease Pain Relief?

The good news is that Thermomedic Raynaud's gloves are an affordable choice in helping to ward off Raynaud’s attacks while providing an exceptional user experience and protection from Raynaud’s Symptoms.

You can find out more about the benefits of Thermomedic Therapy Gloves for Raynaud's and how to get gentle Raynaud's pain relief for your chilled hands here!

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