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Thermomedic Diabetic Socks Are Designed for People Living With Diabetes

Diabetic socks are socks aimed at people with diabetes

Thermomedic diabetic socks have been specially designed with people living with diabetes in mind!

Diabetic socks are designed with non-rub toe seams to reduce the chance of rubbing or blistering delicate skin.

In addition, Thermomedic diabetic socks assist to control moisture to reduce the risk of fungal infection and soft with cushioning to aid in the prevention of painful foot ulcers.

Of course, good skin care and foot care is essential. This is because foot ulcers affect as many as 10% of people with diabetes. Thermomedic diabetic socks have the following features:

~ Non-elasticated, loose-top cuffs
~ No prominent seams, they also feature a flat toe seam
~ Keeps in warmth and improves circulation
~ Allows your feet to breathe to help reduce perspiration.

Thermomedic Diabetic Socks can help you prevent complications of diabetic foot as they contain far infrared fibres to gently warm sore, chilled toes and feet.  Designed as an aid to help relieve pain, promote quicker wound healing, improve sleep quality and help to regulate your body temperature, far infrared socks are a safe and effective treatment to gently ease the discomfort associated with neuropathy and nerve damage.

Woven into the sock, these far infrared fibres help increase blood oxygen levels while retaining heat to keep your feet warm.

Find out more about how you can enjoy healthier feet here!


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