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What Are The Best Ways To Ease Carpal Tunnel Pain?

Is there a cure for severe carpal tunnel pain? Can Thermomedic carpal gloves give pain relief?

Wrist pain, numbness, tingling, and weakness in grip strength may be signs of carpal tunnel syndrome, according to doctors.  Carpal tunnel syndrome is a painful, progressive condition that often occurs when the median nerve in your wrist is compressed due to swelling or inflamed tendons often caused by over-use or injury.

Studies show carpal tunnel syndrome has become one of the most widespread occupational health problems which affects millions of people every year. This means that with our growing dependence on computers for work and personal use, together with those occupations which involve fragmented work tasks, an increasing proportion of the population are affected with musculo-skeletal disorder, such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

Carpal tunnel symptoms may occur in your thumb and the two fingers next to it, as well as your ring finger. Sometimes the unpleasant sensations can extend to the rest of your hand and even into the forearm.

As your CTS worsens, symptoms may persist throughout the day. Carpal tunnel can cause you to lose grip strength, making it harder to grasp small objects. Easy tasks, such as opening a bottle, doing up your buttons or typing on a keyboard can become a daily challenge.

If left untreated, the muscles at the base of the thumb can whither away. Further, the ability to tell hot from cold with the thumb and finger may be impaired. Sensation of tingling, burning and pain can worsen if your arm or hand remain in the same position for a long period of time.

Compression of the median nerve generally occurs in the wrist, however, can also occur in the neck or shoulders, which is called Double Crush Syndrome. Caused by pressure on the median nerve, carpal tunnel syndrome is generally caused by chronic overuse of the wrist through work or recreational activities. This means that diagnosing the location of nerve compression is an essential part of treating and resolving chronic wrist pain and carpal tunnel syndrome.

So, is there a cure for carpal tunnel pain? How can Thermomedic carpal gloves and joint supports give me pain relief? Far Infrared Palm Supports and Therapy Gloves from Thermomedic

Far infrared heat therapy is especially helpful in the treatment of disorders of the hand, fingers, wrist, elbow or shoulder caused by carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis, sporting injury or post-surgical conditions.

Further, for those who suffer pain, restricted movement or swelling from an accident, injury or degenerative joint disease, thermal therapy can be an effective, non-invasive treatment to help recover function in their hands, arms or shoulders so they can enjoy an active, daily life.

So, while there is no cure, far infrared thermal therapy is effective in helping to reduce inflammation and swelling in the wrist, while enhancing cellular metabolism, which can effectively reduce pain to speed recovery. The firm compression provided by Thermomedic wrist supports, palm supports and carpal tunnel gloves are designed as an aid to maintain correct joint position to ease pain and protect sore, tingling hands and fingers.

Is there a cure for carpal tunnel pain? Thermomedic carpal gloves and joint supports for pain reliefTo prevent help prevent carpal tunnel, physiotherapists recommend you take frequent wrist breaks, modify your tasks or the way you use your hands and wear wrist splints to help maintain your wrists in a straighter position.  If you need to perform fine tasks, wearing far infrared fingerless gloves can help keep your hands, knuckles and wrists warm, comfortable and flexible. This means that wearing therapy gloves, wrist supports and palm supports help can help ease carpal tunnel pain, yet leave your fingers free to perform daily tasks at work or home.

Thermomedic's full-finger gloves with firm, knitted wrist bands are recommended to wear for work, under your work gloves or ski gloves and to bed each night to help ease the dull, aching pain of carpel tunnel so you can enjoy a full night's rested sleep!

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