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What Are The Risks Of Glucosamine For Joint Pain?

Side effects caused by glucosamine and herbal suppliments for joint pain

Did you know that it may be that glucosamine is not a wise choice for joint pain?

It's important to know that there is no government regulation placed upon the manufacture or supply of herbs or supplements, including glucosamine. This means you have no guarantee of their strength, purity or safety when taking them. Supplements could vary in quality, strength or reaction, especially if you take other treatments, including prescription medication.

To help you stay safer, health care professionals recommend you should always read the product labels carefully. If you suffer with a medical condition or are taking medication or herbal supplements, you should consult with your trusted healthcare professional before trying glucosamine pills.

Is There Research About The Risks Of Taking Glucosamine?

Following their research, the Mayo Clinic advises the following information about taking glucosamine supplements: “Allergic reactions, such as worsened asthma and swelling under the skin, have been reported with glucosamine use.

Avoid in people with asthma.

Drowsiness or sedation may occur. Glucosamine may also cause insomnia. Use caution if driving or operating heavy machinery.

Use cautiously when taking recommended doses over a long time period or if injected into the muscle."

Is Glucosamine Safe For Asthmatics?

The Mayo Clinic continue their advice, saying "Use cautiously in people with low blood platelet counts, as glucosamine may interact with antibodies. Use cautiously in people who have asthma, kidney disorders, active peptic ulcer disease, depression, skin conditions, or in people who need to restrict potassium intake."

Is Glucosamine Safe For People At Risk Of  Cataracts?

"Use cautiously in people who are at risk for cataracts, or in older people who have dry eyes. Glucosamine may cause increased cataract risk or dry eyes. Use cautiously in people taking agents that increase the flow of urine.

Glucosamine may increase the risk of bleeding."

Further, The Mayo Clinic caution those people who may be suffering "with bleeding disorders or taking drugs that may increase the risk of bleeding, such as vitamin K antagonists (warfarin)."

It is recommended that you seek medical advice immediately if you experience any side effects from glucosamine.

This means, that while everyone’s response can be quite individual, it may be better a choice to consider a less riskier, safe treatment for your joint pain.


How can I avoid the risks of side effects caused by glucosamine? Do splints work?

How Can Thermomedic Joint Supports Help Me?

Using Thermomedic Therapy Garments at home, work or when playing sport in conjunction with a physical therapy program can provide the best combination to help get you moving freely again!

Innovative, effective and affordable far infrared thermal therapy products can help you recover your range of motion quickly and safely. So affordable, Thermomedic joint supports and therapy clothes cost just cents per day over the recovery time.

How Do Thermomedic Joint Supports Work?

The technology and mechanics behind Thermomedic Therapy Garments means they are designed to aid in the natural healing and relief of symptoms related to injury, disease or general aches and pain.

The comforting compression and soothing warmth given by far infrared thermaotherapy is reproducible each and every day, while significantly improving patient outcome and functional use. The beneficial compression is evenly distributed in just the right place every time you wear your joint support.

Think of enjoying the relief of soothing warmth and gentle support for your sore, weakened or stiff joints! You’ll see that the pain and discomfort is gently eased so you feel better without the risk of side effects caused by medication or other supplements. That’s what happens when you wear your Thermomedic joint supports, splints, therapy clothes and compression clothes.

And here’s the good news! A clinical study found a 57% average reduction in rehabilitation time and cost by using thermotherapy treatment in conjunction with rest and physiotherapy.

Since 2006, Thermomedic's many happy customers have been successfully treated with our far infrared therapy clothes.

Read Sue's testimonial below to be encouraged by her success story.  


Thermomedic Far infrared thermotherapy compression braces and joint supports

When should Thermomedic Therapy Garments Be Prescribed?
Generally, optimal recovery may be achieved with the earliest possible application, ideally immediately following your injury or trauma, during the adaptive phase of wound healing or within the first few weeks from the cause.

Did you know that you may be able to claim your Thermomedic Therapy Garments from your health insurance to save you money? Check with your insurer to find out more.


Read the full article by the Mayo Clinic here.

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