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What Is Driving The Trend For Alternative Medicines?

Elbow Pain Relief With Far Infrared Thermotherapy Treatment

Did you know that complementary and alternative medicine has never been more popular? In fact, according to the Mayo Clinic in the US, over 40% of adults report using complementary and alternative medicine!

Natural therapies complement, rather than replace conventional Western medical care which can help reduce your need for pain medication. This means you can get on with your busy day without the burden of constantly feeling all those aches and pain!

So What Is Driving This Trend For Alternative Medicines?

  • People suffering with discomfort, pain and unpleasant side-effects caused by prescription drugs and the high cost of this medication are seeking gentle, safe relief using natural therapies, including far infrared treatments.

  • Research shows that complimentary and alternative medical techniques may assist ease the symptoms of health problems, such as pain and discomfort.

  • Further, many doctors are embracing complementary and alternative therapies for their patients, frequently combining them with mainstream medical treatment.

  • People suffering with pain or illness are seeking greater control over their own health

  • Complementary medicine and natural therapies work to address the growing patient interest in wellness-enhancing treatments that have not typically been part of our conventional medical care.

So What Is Alternative Medicine?
Alternative medicine, those therapies that aren't typically used in conventional medicine, are generally thought of as being used as an alternative to conventional medicine.

Alternative practices used in conjunction with the conventional treatments, are called complementary medicine. These treatments used together are referred to as complementary and alternative medicine.

As a complimentary treatment, magnetic therapy is designed to work upon your body's energy fields for improved health and sense of well-being. While centuries ago, people believed magnets could treat everything from gout to baldness, today, they're used as a natural adjunct to modern medicine to assist ease pain to help you feel better.

So Why Choose Thermomedic Therapy Garments?
This is just one reason why Thermomedic offer safe, non-pharmaceutical therapies specially designed to aid in the treatment of chronic pain, joint stiffness, muscle ache and nerve damage. The benefits of choosing a more effective and gentle pain relief treatment include, the reduced risk of unpleasant side-effects, better affordability and greater safety for long-term care.

So affordable, at just cents a day, these beautiful quality thermal joint supports are the wise choice in natural health care. You can get your soothing far infrared therapy joint supports now!


Thermal Therapy Compression Wrist Brace for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and RSI


Simply slip your hand and arm into elbow support. Adjust support around elbow and arm to ensure correct positioning.

Do not use with creams or oils. Avoid use on broken skin or open wounds. Use over dressings to help retain their correct position.

Note: Thermomedic Therapy joint supports are lead-free and do not contain latex which is known to cause allergic reaction in some people, which makes Thermomedic therapy compression wear safe to use following injury and suitable for long-term treatment. Should your discomfort or pain persist, consult your trusted health care professional.


Thermomedic Therapy garments with far infrared knee brace Testimonial

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