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What Is The Secret To Living Longer?

What Is The Secret To Living Longer?

Do you know that your social connections, together with good health and financial security are among the factors most closely linked with living a long life? So, what else can help you live a happy, healthy long life?

According to research from Stanford University, more Americans are living into their 80s, beyond. Generally, their research focuses on trends in those three key areas scientifically linked to increased longevity. With more of us enjoying healthy activities, such as regular exercise and smoking less we can enjoy longer, more fulfilled lives. However, the downside is that the level of obesity is rising in adults and children, who are now sitting for long periods of time. Lack of adequate exercise is an emergent health risk.

Further, health problems associated with high fat and high sugar diets and poor sleep patterns are widespread. A healthy diet has been linked to enjoying a healthier older age, lower risk for heart disease and as a protection against suffering with memory loss.

Factors, including our social class and level of formal education, also predict if our lives are long and healthy. Education is correlated with living a longer life.

The good news is that you can adapt and improve your outlook for a happy, healthy life! The factors that most of us can control for improved longevity, include regular exercise, eating a healthy, fresh diet and enjoying the company of our good friends. Having a strong social friendship group is linked with a longer, healthier life.

There are new research findings to suggest that being mindful can actually have positive effects on our lifespan, too.

Of course, if you suffer with joint pain, muscle ache or cold fingers, hands or feet it can be hard to get active! The good news is that you can enjoy regular exercise without the pain for better health! Safe, effective and very affordable Thermomedic therapy gloves, joint supports and thermal clothing are a great choice to help you feel better, get active and enjoy a busy lifestyle without the worry of pain and soreness!

This means that there is a lot that you can do to ensure a satisfying long life! Now you can enjoy the secret to living a long life!

So was John Lennon right when he sang... All You Need Is Love?

Data sourced from: the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and U.S. Census Bureau; University of Stanford and National Institute on Aging.

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