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What's The Best Treatment For Raynaud's Disease?

What's The Best Treatment For Raynaud's Disease?

Did you know that in a study of patients suffering with Raynaud's Phenomenon, only 16% found their medication was effective?

And, do you know that women are more likely than men to suffer Raynaud's disease?

So, if your Raynaud's medication is letting you down and you're suffering with a painful bout of Raynaud's chilled white fingers or toes, what can you do to feel better, fast?

Firstly, if you're suffer with mild attacks of Raynaud's disease, try covering your exposed skin before going outside. This helps to maintain your body heat.

However, if a Raynaud's attack does occur, wearing thermal therapy gloves from Thermomedic can gently warm painfully cold hands and fingers to help alleviate symptoms. Raynaud's gloves with bio-ceramic fibres can also assist to prevent symptoms from worsening.

The great news is that being non-medicated, Thermomedic Raynaud's gloves and socks are safe, even for long term care. Even better, is that over months of soothing comfort, they are so affordable.

In fact, Thermomedic Raynaud's gloves and socks are a great choice as a natural adjunct to any prescribed medication you may be on, too. Because they are non-pharmaceutical, far infrared gloves and socks will not interfere with any other treatment you may be receiving nor cause you unpleasant side-effects.


What's The Best Treatment For Raynaud's Disease? What Are The Best Raynaud's Gloves?

What's The Best Treatment For Raynaud's Disease?

As with everything in life, no one treatment option for Raynaud's Phenomenon will be perfect for everyone. So, of course, no one sock or style of glove will work for every person but Thermomedic work hard to offer you a variety of thermal gloves and far infrared socks to help ease your pain and suit your busy life style.

There are several ranges of therapy products to choose from:

  • Gloves- fingerless and full-finger styles.
  • Socks- non-binding thermal socks for improved comfort and insulation.
  • Thermal clothes- far infrared vest, joint supports and thermal underwear.

What Are The Best Raynaud's Gloves?

 The use of thermal Raynaud's gloves may be of benefit in reducing the severity and frequency of of your attacks.

If you suffer badly with chilled fingers and hands, then it’s best to have a portfolio of glove options available for various weather conditions, your daily activities, the amount of time you will spend outdoors or when you simply want to look business-like and in style. 

See our range of full-finger Raynaud's gloves here.


What are the best thermal socks for Raynaud's Disease?

What Are The Best Raynaud's Socks?

The use of thermal Raynaud's socks may be of benefit in reducing the severity and frequency of of your attacks.

If you suffer badly with chilled toes and feet, then Thermomedic thermal socks are a great choice both for work or sport. In fact, Thermomedic Raynaud's socks are also excellent as a bed sock, especially if you are bed bound or suffer with neuropathy, too. 

The warmest socks are made from a bio-ceramic yarn which offer soothing gentle warmth and offer great insulation against the cold. 

 Raynaud’s attacks can leave your toes sore and highly sensitive to the touch.  In some instances, it can make wearing shoes painful.  You may like to choose a size up from your normal sock size to ensure maximum comfort. The soft far infrared yarn won’t cause friction against your skin which makes them a good choice to protect delicate, irritated and swollen skin. 


What are the best Raynaud's socks for cold feet?


Bio-ceramic fiber is warmer than other fibres yet, not itchy or bulky like some woollen socks can be. It wicks moisture naturally to keep your feet dry and warm, even if they perspire. Thermomedic thermal socks come in a non-binding style top and are not too thick for your normal shoes.

Thermomedic Raynaud's socks are designed to use your body’s natural energy to generate and reflect heat back into your skin without using any external power source. 

A warm, comfy option, they are a good choice if your skin is irritated by the itchiness of wool.  A great insulator, super-warm thermal socks from Thermomedic are known by our customers world-wide for their natural, temperature-regulating abilities and 'skin fesh' moisture control.

Bio-ceramic fibres help reflect your own natural body heat to better regulate your temperature. This means you do not require an external power source so there is no risk of burns. They work to maintain heat around your feet and toes.

Is Exercise Good For Raynaud's Disease?

Yes, doctors recommend you take regular gentle exercise to help improve circulation, 

  • Exercise is important for people with Raynaud’s phenomenon
  • Choose easy, low impact activities, including walking, swimming, yoga, or bike riding
  • Your exercise regime should be planned in consultation with your doctor or physiotherapist
  • Drink plenty of water, both during and after your exercise
  • Begin slowly and increase your exercise program gradually
  • Remember to warm up thoroughly with gentle, sustained movements
  • Use Thermomedic thermal therapy garments to maintain your body warmth and protect sore or delicate hands and feet during physical activity and relax your muscles to prevent injury.

So, even though there is no cure for Raynaud's disease at the moment it's good to know there are some easy and effective ways you can help manage your Raynaud's symptoms.

You can find out more information on the benefits of Thermomedic Raynaud's socks

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What's The Best Treatment For Raynaud's Disease?



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