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Work-Related Hand and Wrist Injuries- Prevention Helps Keep You Safe!

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Did you know that hand and wrist injuries are the most common work-related injury problem in the Australian workforce?
In fact, hand and wrist injuries are a very common cause of work-related injury presentation to emergency departments. They result in 8,400 admissions to hospital every year.

These injuries ranging from minor to very severe, often involve hands and fingers. Open wounds and deep cuts are the most frequent injury type while amputation is the most serious injury issue.

Workers most commonly sustain hand and wrist injuries in the course of their work in the manufacturing, wholesale and retail trade industries, as well as the construction industry. The type of task being undertaken and the equipment employed means there is the potential for exert large forces, directly or indirectly, to be exerted upon your hands, fingers and wrists.

In the work place, your hands are exposed to hazards such as:  
       – Skin absorption of harmful and toxic substances
       – Severe cuts and lacerations
       – Severe abrasion
       – Puncture injuries
       – Chemical burns
       – Harmful temperature extremes causing burns

Your hands are unique and one of your greatest assets. Don’t take them for granted!

Your hands are one of the most complex parts of your body!  This is because the movement of tendons, bones, tissues and nerves lets you grip and perform many complex jobs.

Hand injuries can often occur when the wrong tool is used or the right tool is not used correctly.

The most common causes of hand injuries are:
       – Carelessness
       – Lack of awareness
       – Boredom
       – Disregard for safety procedures
       – Distractions

Hand Ergonomics

Physiotherapists recommend that all muscles need to be regularly exercised and cared for if we want them to work when we need them. This includes your hands, fingers and wrists.

After a hand injury, the hand may not function as it did before the injury due to loss of:
       – Range of motion
       – Dexterity
       – Grip Strength
       – Ability to carry out simple tasks

Far infrared themotherapy gloves for workplace injury, sports and protection


Quick and Easy Hand Exercises To Do At Work
Do you know that doing a few simple exercises before work and between tasks will build your hand strength? Hand exercises can also provide a rest from those repetitive motions which can lead to RSI and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Hand Exercises you can try include:  
       – Stretch fingers by spreading them wide apart for a few seconds
       – Stretch your thumb by holding it down gently for five seconds
       – Stretch your wrist by making circles with your hands

What is The Best Glove Size & Fit?
Recommended to protect and soothe your sore hands and fingers, far infrared therapy gloves can help ease pain, naturally. Gloves come in many sizes and types. This means it's essential that you choose properly fitting gloves that give you the dexterity you need to care for your hands while you work. Choose gloves that have adequate stretch and are well-made without bulky seams.

When wearing your gloves, it's best to ensure your hands are dry, clean and free from oil or cream. Fabric gloves should be gently washed and dried flat, in the shade to maintain their performance, fit and appearance. You can find information on how to best care for your Thermomedic therapy gloves here.

If you suffer with sensitivity to latex, you will need to avoid latex gloves to prevent skin irritation.

Are Thermotherapy Gloves Safe For Long-Term Medical Care?
Yes. Thermomedic heat therapy gloves combine safe, natural bio-ceramic minerals embedded into the fibres for targeted healing. Thermomedic thermal therapy garments are a highly effective, affordable and safe alternative to medication or electrical devices.

In fact, Thermomedic heat therapy gloves provide safe, soothing warmth to promote vasodilation for improved hand pain relief and healing without the use of pain killers.

This means, even for long-term treatment, you can wear Thermomedic therapy gloves with complete peace of mind!


Far infrared therapy gloves for work place hand care

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