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Palm Supports

Provides medium to firm, non-rigid support and warmth to help provide greater bracing and circulation to assist in the healing process for more serious wrist and hand injuries, including Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Repetitive Strain Injury.

Anatomically-designed without seams, the Palm Support comfortably contours to the shape of your hand and wrist, providing even compression and support for improved joint stability for weakened or injured wrists. 
Open finger design allows allows for full dexterity of fingers, making them the ideal choice for work, craft or everyday tasks.

Protects palms while helping to relieve ulner-sided wrist pain and mid-carpal instability. The bio-mechanically correct design assists to realign and stabilize the wrist bones without pressure points. This even pressure effect is helpful for wrist and hand conditions including, persistent pain following wrist fracture, mid-carpal instability, RSI and tendinitis.

Available in five sizes, the ambidextrous design allows for a comfortable fit and helps maintain correct wrist position for soothing pain relief and to assist to reduce inflammation. No straps to fuss with. Latex free. Sold in pairs.