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Compression Clothing On Sale!

Where Can I Buy Thermomedic Therapy Garments With Far Infrared Treatment?

Far infrared compression underpants, designed as an aid for the simple and effective care of muscle ache, joint pain and injury to ligaments or tendons combine maximum comfort, targeted compression at the hip, thigh and lumbar region with natural heat for the temporary relief of sports injuries, degenerative joint disease, surgery, poor circulation and repetitive strain syndrome.

Get soothing pain relief during your daily activities with our thermal underpants constructed to provide targeted compression and gentle warmth to the joints and muscles around your hips and lower spinal area.
Our compression underwear provides support for sport, exercise or everyday activity, aiding post-operative recovery, easing joint soreness comfortably at work or at play.
The easy to wear and lightweight design, combined with comfortable hip compression, gives you the perfect choice!