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Therapy Gloves

Far Infrared Therapy  Gloves Help Give Soothing Gentle Relief For Sore, Aching or Cold Hands and Fingers

Did you know that when your hands are tired, aching and sore, more stress is placed on other parts of your arms and body? It is no surprise then, that this can quickly lead to increased pain, reduced work productivity, injuries or even long-term joint damage.

Therapeutic Thermomedic gloves, specifically designed for easy fit and to assist your own body’s natural healing ability, can help you fight back, reducing your hand fatigue, musculoskeletal disorders, repetitive motion injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome or other painful hand and wrist injuries. Wearing comforting, far infrared thermal gloves may help your sore hands heal more quickly, protects delicate skin to avoid long-term joint pain.

Therapy gloves can provide about 15 to 25 mm Hg of soft, gentle compression to oedematous tissue and to aid improve tactile sensibility awareness.

Sold in pairs. Measure circumference around your palm for correct sizing.