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Far Infrared Therapy Gloves With Full-Fingers For Cold, Sore Hands

Far Infrared Therapy Gloves With Full-Fingers For Cold, Sore Hands

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Far Infrared Therapy Gloves... Soothing Treatment for Sore, Painful Hands & Wrists That You Can Wear Anytime!


Therapy Gloves in Black or White!

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Suffer sore, throbbing hands, cold, blue fingers or stiff, aching finger joints? Do you wake up in the morning with thumb joint pain, your hands tingling, feeling thick, heavy or stiff? And do your symptoms ease once you flex your fingers, warm or move your hands?

Thermomedic far infrared gloves are designed to aid in the gentle support of sore hands and finger joints, while providing natural, soothing warmth and compression for injuries associated with ball sports, skiing, carpal tunnel syndrome, Raynaud's Disease or work-related repetitive strain issues.

Thermomedic full-finger therapy gloves are anatomically shaped to ensure comfortable fit, very easy to pull on or off and specifically designed without any fussy, fiddly fastenings. Offering soothing warmth and light, even compression for maximum benefit, support and fit, they provide protection for sore hands and finger joints. The wide band provides non-rigid support for your wrist during periods of activity, rest or recuperation from surgery. 

Full-Finger Far Infrared Therapy Gloves
The Thermomedic Therapy Glove is a cosy, thermal glove made with soft, breathable, bio-ceramic blend fibre to help keep your hands warm down right to your fingertips! Structured to provide a 4-way comfortable fit, the wide, stretch wrist band supports sore wrists to help keep the warmth in where you need it. Choose Thermomedic Therapy Gloves for the simple, effective management of pain, injury and protection for damaged, fragile skin.

An Effective, Simple Treatment to Ease Hand Pain
No matter if you suffer with Carpal Tunnel, Raynaud’s or arthritis, you may find that your hands and wrists feel significantly better when they have been kept cosy and gently supported, all night. When you wake in the morning you may feel a noticeable improvement in how your hands and wrists feel. In fact, you may even have slept comfortably through the night without the nagging pain waking you.

Choose Thermomedic Thermal Gloves For Your Cold Hands
Thermomedic therapy gloves are the choice of physiotherapists and medical specialists to help treat sore, cold hands and improve circulation without the risk of unpleasant side effects caused by prescription medications or surgery.

How Can Far Infrared Therapy Gloves Help Sore Hands?

  • Ambidextrous design. Sold in pairs
  • Offering mild compression, caring warmth and support
  • Far infrared thermal fibre to aid in the management of pain, muscle ache or injury.
  • Great for work, sport and all craft activities
  • Stretch knit for comfort. Easy to wear and take off
  • Designed as a simple, effective treatment for sore, aching hands
  • Offering natural, soothing thermal therapy....at an affordable price!
  • Assists in the care and relief of Raynaud's Phenonomen
  • Ideal for sports injury, arthritis, carpal tunnel, RSI and bursitis pain
  • Safe, natural, lead-free therapeutic hand and joint care treatment option
  • Far Infrared therapy gloves are suitable for long-term therapy
  • Offers temporary relief from everyday aches and pain 

Simply slip your fingers and hand into glove. Adjust gloves around fingers and palm to ensure correct positioning.

Do not use with creams or oils. Avoid use on broken skin or open wounds. Use over dressings to help retain their correct position.
Note: Thermomedic Therapy Garments are lead-free and do not contain latex which is known to cause allergic reaction in some people, which makes Thermomedic therapy gloves safe to wear following injury and suitable for long-term treatment. Should your discomfort or pain persist, consult your trusted health care professional.


Material:  Far Infrared Polyester Blend






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