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About Us

about us

About Us

We, at Thermomedic, produce a comprehensive range of therapeutic clothing. Produced in different sizes, our garments are available in various colours and styles.

Unisex therapy garments, for patients include gloves, socks, vests, supports, braces and underpants. In order to ensure durability and resistance to wear and tear, we use the premium quality fabrics and raw material.

Thermomedic delivers compression goods to your door.

Buying garments from Thermomedic will not only keep you looking and feeling great at home or work it will save you money.

Please contact us if you have any product suggestions or changes you would like to see.

Happy online shopping!

The Team from

Thermomedic Therapy Garments



about us


Thermomedic are committed to creating a personalised online shopping experience for our customers. 

We value our customers and their feedback.

We would love you to keep in touch.

Just drop us a line anytime!


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