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Ankle Arthritis Pain Relief- Far Infrared Compression Socks and Braces

Ankle Arthritis Pain Relief With Far Infrared Therapy Socks and Ankle Braces

Are you suffering with the Pain of Arthritis in Your Ankle?
                 ..........Well,  Did You Know You Now Have Better Treatment Choices!

If you are living with severe arthritis of the hip, knee and shoulder, then you probably know that joint replacements have become quite common. However, did you know, though, that joint replacement can be an option for those patients suffering arthritis of the ankle?

Did you know that about 70% of patients who receive artificial joints are generally happy with the results?
Many patients with ankle arthritis have undergone surgical intervention for a motion-limiting procedure, called joint fusion. However, ankle replacement may prove to be as effective as fusion, without limiting the ankle's flexibility.

How Can ThermomedicTM Therapy Socks Help Ankle Arthritis?
A major weight-bearing joint, our ankles are susceptible to osteoarthritis which is the gradual breakdown of cartilage within the joints.

Treatment for ankle arthritis with Thermomedic
TM far infrared therapy socks is a gentle and effective option to assist reduce inflammation, soothe pain and are a most affordable choice to improve joint mobility for better function, naturally.

Why Are Far Infrared Therapy Socks So Effective For Pain Relief?
Far infrared compression socks are the ideal choice both before surgery and after surgery to protect, soothe and assist your own body's natural healing process. Naturally anti-bacterial, they help prevent infection by maintaining healthier skin and reducing odour.

What Are The Problems Associated With Bone Fusion?
Joint fusion for ankle arthritis is highly invasive because it involves the complete removal of your ankle joint, scraping out surrounding soft tissue and cartilage, then fusing together the fibula, tibia, and talus with metal screws.

There are several drawbacks, including your ankle is permanently stiff which limits the range of motion making it difficult to bend down, climb stairs, or walk on uneven surfaces.Bone fusion also can affect your gait, since one leg is now shorter than the other. Some patients find that they need a cane or an orthopedic shoe insert for walking.

Did you also know that after five years, 7% of ankle replacement patients needed a second operation to tighten loose materials?

The good news is, arthritis patients living with severe ankle damage from rheumatoid arthritis and gout can enjoy the soothing benefits of wearing far infrared therapy socks, every day.

The naturally soothing warmth of far infrared therapy socks and ankle supports make use of a special patented fibre that allows your own natural body heat to warm the area for enhanced circulation for better joint function without the risk of unpleasant side effects or complications sometimes caused by medicines.

Non-medicated, Thermomedic
TM therapy socks will not interfere with any prescription drugs that you may be taking which makes them a safe treatment option, even for long term therapy.

So affordable, too!

Thermomedic Therapy Garments cost just a few cents a day to get fast, soothing pain relief!

Which means you can wear far infrared therapy socks and compression braces with complete peace of mind!




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