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Ankle Sprain Pain Relief With Far Infrared Thermal Therapy Braces

 Ankle Brace For Ankle Sprain, Ligament Damage and Ankle Joint Pain

Suffering From Painful Ankle Sprain? Do You Have Weak Ankles?
An ankle sprain is often the result of a fall or injury that "twists" the ankle the wrong way. Thermomedic Therapy Garments are dedicated to advancing the standard of care in podiatry and musco-skeletal health.

Weak ankles can frequently result in an ankle sprain, a common injury that may affect the soft tissues, often the ligaments, of the ankle. Did you know ankle sprains are the number one injury concerning the ankle joint? Pain is a common complaint following ankle injury or degenerative joint disease.

Thermomedic far infrared therapy socks and compression ankle braces help reduce pain and swelling while improving the effectiveness of rehabilitation.

What Causes Sprained Ankles?
A sprained ankle can prevent you from participating in sport and physical activity for between four to eight weeks, depending upon the severity of the injury. This is because an ankle sprain often causes a painful, partial or complete tear of the ankle ligaments on the outside of the foot.

What Causes Weak Ankles?
Accident or injury may result in a painful ankle sprain caused by the outward twisting of the ankle.  In some cases weak ankles are a congenital (at birth) condition. The ankles may be sore, “give way” while standing, walking, or doing other activities. There are a number of conditions which may predispose you to weak ankles. They include:
  • A high arched foot.
  • Lowered foot arch or flat feet
  • Supinated feet which turn inward, also called pigeon-toed  
  • A neuromuscular disorder that causes the ankle to invert involuntarily         
  • Muscle imbalance which can result in weakening of  the muscles of the ankle joint, called the peroneal muscles       
  • Loose ligaments, (ligamentous laxity) is a condition characterized by the softening of the ligaments which hold the bones in their correct position
  • A difference in the length of the limbs
  • Weakened ankle muscles from previous injury
  • People who roll to the outside of their ankles as they walk may suffer repeated ankle sprains which can weaken their ankle, increasing the likelihood of continued sprains

How Can I Improve Weak or Sprained Ankles?
Mild to moderate ankle sprains with no tearing or a partial tear of the ligaments showing swelling, bruising, pain and difficulty walking may find relief and improved ankle stability wearing Thermomedic Therapy compression ankle supports.

The improved healing of a complete tear or rupture of the ligaments associated with swelling, internal bleeding, ankle instability and the inability to walk can be assisted by Thermomedic compressive ankle supports with
bio-ceramic thermal technology.

Thermomedic far infrared therapy socks may also assist to improve chronic lateral ankle instability and reduce healing time. For prevention of repeated ankle sprains physiotherapists recommend the continued application of Thermomedic compressive socks for all athletic activity.

Therapy Garments mid-compression far infrared ankle support socks use the latest developments in new materials technology to apply comfortable compression to soft tissue injuries.

The 4-way stretch ensures a soft, comfortable fit, and allows unobstructed movement and can be worn with shoes. They are lightweight, odour resistant and breathable.





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