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Arthritis Pain Relief With Far Infrared Therapy Treatment

 Arthritis Pain Relief with Far Infrared Therapy Treatment

Arthritis Pain Treatment

Did you know more than three million people in Australia suffer from
some form of arthritis or joint inflammation which is due to destruction of
their joints? The onset of arthritis is gradual and often targets a
particular joint in the hands, feet or knees. The affected joint becomes
swollen and painful, making movement difficult. Arthritis severely
impacts upon the quality of life for many arthritis sufferers. Further,
pain killers can cause some unpleasant side-effects for many patients.
Thermomedic Therapy Garments naturally help reduce arthritis pain
and inflammation as well as slow the progression of degenerative joint

What Are The most Common Types of Arthritis?
Osteoarthritis develops slowly over time and can be due to overuse of
a particular joint such as the knee. The cartilage covering the end of
the bone gradually wears away - swelling and pain follow.

Rheumatoid arthritis can develop more quickly. It is an irreversible
autoimmune disease, a condition where the body's own immune system
attacks cells in the joints. It often starts in younger people and
ultimately results in the breakdown of bone. Thermomedic Therapy
Garments help focus on easing the pain, inflammation and joint
damage caused by degenerative joint diseases such as, osteoarthritis
and rheumatoid arthritis.

What Are The Symptoms Of Rheumatoid Arthritis?
In rheumatoid arthritis, the immune system attacks normal tissue
components causing an inflammatory response. The inflammation
associated with rheumatoid arthritis primarily attacks the linings of the
joints. If it persists, cartilage and bone destruction can occur and the
joint becomes deformed and painful.

Symptoms may vary from person to person and can include:
  • swelling, pain and heat in the joints
  • persistent fatigue
  • joint stiffness
  • sleeping difficulties because of pain
  • weak muscles

What Arthritis Treatments are available?
There is currently no cure for rheumatoid arthritis, although
progression of the disease can be slowed and the symptoms can be
treated. Early management is vital to maintain joint function and
minimise pain and long-term disability.

Far infrared therapy is recommended to relieve pain and stiffness,
improve joint movement and ease muscle ache. Doctors recommend
rest whenever joint inflammation flares.

Far infrared therapy treatments can play an important part in naturally
dampening the inflammatory and autoimmune process. Far infrared
therapy treatment can be used in arthritis patients with moderate to
severe rheumatoid arthritis for effective symptom relief without
unpleasant side-effects.

Far infrared arthritis gloves have been found to help reduce
disease-associated inflammation in finger joints and arthritis pain in
hands. In some cases, where a joint, such as the knee, has been badly
damaged thermal therapy can help ease pain and slow down joint

Thermomedic Therapy Garments, Medical Gloves,  Far Infrared
Clothes, Arthritis Treatments & Orthopaedic Body Bands offer Safe,
Natural & Effective Pain Relief Using the Scientific Principles of Far
Infrared Thermal Energy.




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