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Arthritis Pain and Hand Pain Treatment With Far Infrared Therapy

Arthritis Pain In the Hands With Far Infrared TreatmentThe Next Arthritis Pain Research Breakthrough?
Research scientists tell us there is significant potential for medical breakthrough
in so many health care areas relating to arthritis pain, particularly using
alternative, non-pharmaceutical treatments.

Medical professionals know the earlier people who suffer with rheumatoid
arthritis are treated, the more effective their treatment will be, even to the point
of being able to withdraw pain-killing drugs and control the disease with natural
alternatives, such as
far infrared therapy.

To achieve this breakthrough, we need to continue medical research to analyze
and correlate the results of far infrared arthritis treatment for large numbers of
people with arthritic joint disease. In
rheumatoid arthritis, the body's  immune
system is activated in and around the joints and a substance called TNF-alpha
is produced that causes tissue damage. Far infrared therapy may help improve
circulation and ease inflammation to reduce the risk of tissue injury.

Why Are Thermomedics Far Infrared Arthritis Gloves So Effective?
Thermomedic Therapy Garments offer a safe natural pain relief treatment for
your arthritis pain. Far infrared
arthritic gloves are available in three styles to
suit all activities and are the best far infrared hand treatment suitable for long-
term therapy as they are so comfortable and easy to use, very affordable and
do not require a power source.

For many people who suffer with
osteoarthritis, natural therapies are proving
to be extremely effective as an adjunct to prescribed medicines. In fact, the
results can be life changing for many arthritis patients. But most will still have
some flares of the disease from time to time so may require continued use of
these natural arthritis treatments to control that. At the moment, far infrared
therapy isn’t a cure.  However, the future for those who suffer with
is looking much brighter thanks to new breakthrough materials science

Ease The Pain Of Joint Disease
A recent study into the impact of total joint replacement in people with
rheumatoid arthritis has concluded with interesting findings. Even though one in
four people suffering with RA will likely have total joint replacement at some
stage, most research into the effects of TJR has been in osteoarthritis and not
into RA.

It is important to remember RA and OA are different diseases. People with RA
face a higher risk of infection and cardiovascular problems, which are also two
of the complications of TJR surgery. Doctors may worry that replacing damaged
joints with their engineered counterparts in RA patients will cost more and
worsen recovery. Studying joint replacement in people with RA can help patients
understand how well the procedure works and what results rheumatoid arthritis
patients can expect, such as how much swelling and pain will remain after
surgery, how they’ll feel and whether cardiovascular problems or risk of infection
will complicate their surgery and recuperation.

Ease Wrist and Finger Joint Pain With Therapy Gloves
It is recommended that if you suffer with arthritic finger joints or hand and wrist
pain then the best gloves for arthritis, for example, use far infrared therapy to
ease join pain. While there is no arthritis cure as yet, far infrared thermal
treatments can help you get back into a healthy active life!





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