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Arthritis Therapy Treatments For Fast, Effective Pain Relief

Arthritis Treatment Gloves From Thermomedic For Soothing Pain Relief Without Drugs

How Do Doctors Diagnose Arthritis?

Doctors may use several means to diagnose your
arthritis, including blood tests and physical

How Can Blood Tests Help Treat Arthritis Pain?
Generally, blood tests are used by doctors to help diagnose different
types of arthritis. So, what else are blood tests used for? Your doctor may
use blood tests to help diagnose some types of arthritis, monitor disease
severity and your response to various
arthritis treatments. Your doctor
may also use blood tests to determine whether your arthritis is
responding to the medicines you are taking or check for side effects from
medicines. Some serious side effects of prescribed medicines do not
cause any obvious symptoms until significant damage has been caused.
So, blood tests can help check for side effects before they become a
major problem for you.

Are All Types of Arthritis Diagnosed by a Blood Test?
Not all forms of arthritis can be diagnosed by blood tests. For example,
blood tests cannot diagnose
osteoarthritis or chronic back pain.
However, your doctor may use blood tests to help rule out other types of
arthritis or other conditions that can cause similar symptoms.

What Other Ways Other Ways Can Arthritis Be diagnosed?
Examination of your joints by your doctor is the first important way of
diagnosing arthritis. Blood tests are used to help confirm what they find
on physical examination and from listening to your symptoms. Your doctor
may also use other tests to help diagnose
arthritis, such as testing other
body fluids.

What Are the Most Common Blood Tests for Arthritis?
There are a number of blood tests that your doctor may order. These include:

  • Rheumatoid factor

  • Reactive protein

  • Erythrocyte sedimentation rate

    Far Infrared therapy garments offer gentle pain relief for arthritis in the hands,

    fibromyalgia, knee arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

    How Can I Ease The Symptoms Of Arthritis?
    If the pain of arthritis is a daily struggle and you want help to regain some
    control over your arthritis, then you will be pleased to know there is help
    available. In fact, many people are turning to non-medical therapies to
    help ease their arthritis pain without the risks of unpleasant side effects
    caused by many prescription medications.

    While science has yet to fully understand how some natural treatments
    actually work, the effectiveness and positive benefits from using far
    infrared therapy mean many osteoarthritis sufferers are finding pain relief
    without the costs and consequences of drugs and pain-killers.

    Far infrared therapy garments include compressive joint supports to
    provide correct joint alignment for pain relief, reduced muscle pain, better
    joint mobility and improved sleep patterns as well as therapy gloves to
    soothe sore hands and finger joint stiffness. Back supports and vests with
    magnetic therapy are also effective to ease the pain, stiffness and aches
    associated with arthritis. Recent clinical studies show significant benefits
    to using far infrared therapy to treat arthritis pain, so talk with your doctor
    to see how you can benefit from FIR thermal therapy treatment.

    What Are The Benefits Of Far Infrared Therapy For Me?
    Thermomedic Far infrared therapy garments for arthritis are
    non-medicated for your peace of mind! Thermomedics far infrared
    products for arthritis won't cause unpleasant side-effects so are highly
    suitable for long-term treatment. Infrared gloves and therapy clothes are
    an excellent choice as an adjunct to prescription medications to help
    ease your reliance upon them.




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