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Back Pain and Chronic Low Back Pain Relief With Thermal Therapy

Back Pain Relief With Far Infrared Thermal Therapy Vest From ThermomedicsIs Chronic Back Pain Ruining Your Freedom For A Busy, Active Lifestyle?

Relieve Severe Lower Back Pain and Neck Pain With
Soothing, Effective and Affordable Thermal Therapy
Garments from Thermomedic.

Improve Your Posture For Better Health.

Lower back pain is very common. In fact, the latest research finds about
80% of Australians suffer back pain and 10% are diagnosed with a
significant disability as a result of their chronic back pain.

Did you know clinical findings have demonstrated that far infrared
thermal treatment can provide effective pain reduction for spine related
pain? Thermomedic Thermal Therapy have a safe, natural and
affordable range of therapeutic products. Offering beneficial health
solutions, bio-ceramic thermal technology can assist in the relief of pain
from sports injury, trauma and general wear and tear.

The range includes gloves, socks, lower back supports, elbow, wrist
and knee braces as well as natural FIR garments, such as vests.

Available in five sizes from small to extra, extra large there is a
back brace to suit every body!

Australian research indicates that over 80 percent of the population will
suffer from some form of
back pain. Further, it is highly likely, as high
as 90 percent, that it will reoccur. These research findings suggest that  
preventative strategies as well as remedial therapy will provide you with
long term health solutions for back and neck pain. To receive your own
soothing sciatica and back pain therapy clothes
order here.

What Causes Back Pain?
The source of lower back pain may be the muscles, ligaments, joints,
discs or nerve damage. Therefore, as there are many causes of back
pain it is essential to receive an accurate diagnosis for your specific
back complaint so that you may effectively manage the condition.

How Can Thermomedic Therapy Garments Help Me?
Thermomedic Therapy Garments include a range of safe and non-toxic
therapeutic medical devices and
arthritis treatments specifically
designed to assist with effective pain management for mild to severe
back and neck conditions. Made from scientifically-advanced
Bio-ceramic textiles, Thermomedic
orthopaedic body supports, braces
and functional garments  are an effective aid in the rehabilitation and
treatment of painful muscles, sore joints and spinal-related conditions.

Our range of thermal products are specially designed to offer elite
athletes and sports men and women an effective preventative aid
during physical activity. They may also be used to assist prevent the
re-occurrence of
sports injuries.

Are Thermomedic Therapy Garments Safe To Use
Yes. Thermomedic far infrared therapy clothes and supports are
suitable for long term care. When incorporated into your everyday life,
far infrared
therapy gloves, socks and other thermal garments made
from bio-ceramic textiles, provide positive health benefits. Continuing
research in the fields of neurology, immunology and physiology are
providing improved medical options by allowing us to better understand
our health needs.

Thermomedic Therapy Back Support With Bio-Ceramic
Thermomedic Therapy Back Support offers you gentle, soothing pain
relief to assist spinal correction by easing pain and distortion to your
body to help maintain improved posture. With better posture comes an
improved level of physical energy to bring the fun back in your life!

Thermomedic Thermal
Therapy Back Support is available in two sizes
and adjustable to suit  waist sizes up to 115cm. Our far infrared thermal
back support is designed to stabilize lower back injury, relieve back
pain and encourage good posture for improved health.

How Do You Use Far Infrared Thermal Back Supports?
Our patented bio-ceramic technology creates a soothing, warm
sensation to relieve back pain. Thermomedic lower back support may
be worn directly against your skin or over a thin singlet or tee-shirt if  
you prefer a reduced level of warmth. Initially, use the thermal back
support for short periods, gradually increasing therapy time according
to your personal preferences.

As it is non-medicated, you may wear your therapy back support for as
long as you feel comfortable and whenever your back is causing you
pain. It is your personal choice as to the length of time or how often you
wear it.

We do recommend people with sensitive or delicate skin may prefer to
limit their initial use to between 15 and 30 minutes if redness or
excessive heat occurs and gradually build up their therapy sessions.

Thermomedic Therapy Lower Back Support and Therapy Vest eases
lower, mid and upper back tension, relaxes tight shoulder and neck
muscles. Offering a focused thermal sensation, Thermomedic
compressive back support targets the treatment area for fast pain
relief. Our compressive back support is ideal to improve poor posture
for better health and pain relief.

Correct posture is important to your every day health.  Did you know
that poor posture can double the strain upon your neck and shoulder

Far infrared therapy clothes help support remedial treatments that your
doctor may recommend you receive to ease your
joint pain which can
include specific exercises,
joint mobilisation, joint manipulation, strength
and conditioning programs and prevention techniques.

Thermomedic Therapy Garments and
arthritis treatments offer safe,
non-invasive and soothing pain relief so that you can lead an active life
style. The thermal-emitting FIR  incorporated into our patented
bio-ceramic technology relieves pain, provides comfortable support to
facilitate healing and reduced risk of reoccurring
back pain.

Thermomedic Therapy Garments and arthritis treatments work in
harmony with professional medical health care. To receive your own
soothing back support therapy clothes
order here.

Can Exercise Improve My Chronic Back Pain?
Yes, physiotherapists say that regular, low-impact aerobic activities can
increase strength and endurance in your back and spine to improve
muscle function. Abdominal and back muscle exercises, also called
core-strengthening exercises, can help to reduce your symptoms by
strengthening the muscles around your spine and improving flexibility.

Further, wearing Thermomedic
TM therapy back support can help
support sore back muscles during exercise as well as assist to maintain
a supple and flexible spine and lower back.






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