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Braces and Joint Supports For Sore, Painful, Swollen Joints

Far Infrared Compression Joint Supports For Soothing Pain Relief What Should You Expect From A Brace?
Can Braces & Joint Supports Help Cure Osteoarthritis?

Suffering With Low Back Pain? Sciatica Pain? Is Chronic Back Pain Making It Difficult To Enjoy An Active and Busy Life Style?

While, at the moment, there is no cure for osteoarthritis, bracing is often a highly effective and most affordable osteoarthritis treatment for many sufferers. As with all medical treatments, some patients benefit more than others from bracing and compression joint supports.

If you suffer with advanced-stage osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis or other form
of degenerative joint disease you may find compression bracing a useful adjunct
to prescribed medications to help reduce your dependence upon painkillers. To
maximize the benefits of compression joint supports, doctors recommend you
stay active in order to strengthen your muscles.

At the moment there are no cures for an arthritic condition that may have developed over
many years. For this reason it may take several days to weeks to begin to feel improvement. So be patient. It took a long time for your joint pain to develop so it is reasonable to expect it to take a while for any treatment, including bracing, to provide
significant pain relief.

Thermal therapy joint supports may come close to eliminating pain for some
arthritis sufferers, while others may only feel slight pain relief. However, braces
are beneficial even for those who do not experience total pain relief, because the
compressive support and improved circulation provided by a far infrared thermal
therapy can help your knee joint to last longer, therefore, delaying invasive joint
replacement surgery.

When to Wear Thermomedic Therapy Joint Supports
Since Thermomedics joint supports are non-pharmaceutical they are safe for you
to wear day or night. Their slim-fit design means you can comfortably wear them
under your clothes to work, while playing sport or at night sleeping.

Available in five sizes from small to extra, extra large there is a back brace to suit
every body!

Importance of Exercise and Weight Control
Keeping fit and maintaining a healthy body weight can help you achieve
maximum benefit from Thermomedic osteoarthritis joint supports. Physical
therapists recommend regular exercise to help improve your posture, maintain
joint flexibility and enhance overall fitness. So, if you suffer with osteoarthritis,
Thermomedic far infrared therapy supports can help lessen joint pain by
helping to maintain correct alignment and reducing stress on your hips, knees,
back or feet to allow you to enjoy an active lifestyle…pain-free!






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