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Bursitis of The Shoulder Treatment With Soothing Far Infrared Therapy

Bursitis Shoulder Treatment With Thermal Therapy TreatmentSuffer With Bursitis Shoulder Pain? Do Your Shoulders Cause You Pain, Feel Stiff or Are Inflamed?

What Is Bursitis?
Bursitis is a painful condition that affects the small, fluid-filled pads, called bursae that cushions your bones, muscles and the tendons near your shoulder joints. Bursitis pain occurs when these bursae become inflamed.

Skin, tendons and ligaments would wear out if there were no protective bursa between them and bony surfaces. In fact, there are over 150 bursa in your body to prevent the possibility of rubbing and injury.

Shoulder bursitis often occurs near joints that perform frequent repetitive motion.

Symptoms Of Bursitis In The Shoulder include:
If you suffer with bursitis pain, the affected joint may:

  • Feel painful, stiff or ache
  • Hurt  when you move it
  • Look swollen and red
  • Cause disabling joint pain
  • Cause you pain for two weeks or longer
  • Cause excessive swelling, redness, bruising in the affected area
  • Sharp, shooting pain, especially with exercise or exert yourself

Lifestyle and Natural Treatment For Shoulder Bursitis
Treatment typically involves resting the affected shoulder joint and
protecting it from further trauma. In most cases, bursitis pain goes away
within a few weeks with proper treatment, but recurrent flare-ups of
bursitis are common. There are some simple measures you can follow at
home to help relieve the pain of bursitis. These include:

  • Rest and immobilize the affected area
  • Use compression far infrared therapy joint supports to ease swelling, relieve pain and reduce inflammation
  • Avoid lifting heavy weights
  • Do not over-stress your arm and shoulder joints
How to Prevent Bursitis Pain?
You can reduce your risk and lessen the severity of bursitis flare-ups with
a few simple changes to your life-style through behaviour modification.
Consider how you perform everyday tasks to help reduce unnecessary
strain of the affected joint. Some simple measures you can take to reduce
bursitis pain include:

Wearing compression, far infrared knee supports to protect your knees if
your job or hobby requires you to kneel.

Bend your knees when you lift to avoid extra stress on the bursae in your

Do not carry heavy loads which can put extra stress on the bursae in your

Plan frequent rest periods and alternate repetitive, stressful tasks with

Move around and do not sit in the same position for excessive periods of
time, especially on hard surfaces to avoid excess pressure on the bursae
in your hips and buttocks.

Maintain a healthy weight to avoid being overweight which doctors tell us
places more stress on your  painful joints.

Strengthen your muscles with regular gentle exercise to help protect your
affected joint.

Ensure you warm up and stretch properly before strenuous activities to
help protect your joints from injury.

What Causes Bursitis of the Shoulder?
Bursitis is usually caused by too much stress on the bursa.

What Are the Symptoms of Shoulder Bursitis?
The symptoms of shoulder bursitis can depend on the severity of the
inflammation and the type of bursitis you suffer with. In chronic bursitis
swelling is the most obvious symptom. Patients suffering with bursal
swelling usually feel warmth and pain without being infected.

In infected bursitis patients usually suffer excessive warmth at the site of
the inflamed bursa, tenderness, pain and fever. The swelling and redness
may spread  up or down the arm in bursitis of the shoulder or elbow, for

Traumatic bursitis usually occur after a specific event, such as when a
football player hits their elbow on hard ground. The affected area may be
tender, warm, swollen and accompanied by bruising.

What Is the Best Natural Treatment for Bursitis Shoulder
The best natural bursitis shoulder treatment uses natural, non-toxic
far infrared treatment. Shoulder bursitis is treated by rest or even the
immobilization of the affected part. Non-pharmaceutical bursitis treatments
include the protective use of Thermomedic's far infrared vest with
magnetic therapy for natural anti-inflammatory care.

Some patients experience unpleasant side-effects from steroid injections,
such as infection, skin atrophy or chronic pain.

Physiotherapists recommend the best natural care for bursal shoulder
joint inflammation is rest and the use of therapeutic far infrared bursitis
treatment vest. Specially designed with full-front zipper closure for ease of
use and maximum comfort, Thermomedic's therapy vest is suitable to use
even when you are taking other medication.

Available in 4 sizes, thermedic therapy vest is most beneficial for its
anti-inflammatory benefits to help reduce swelling and inflammation for
better healing and soothing pain relief.

Shoulder Bursitis and Playing Sports
Generally, bursitis pain is not very common in sports. Physiotherapists tell
us most bursitis cases are an acute traumatic type of injury. Sports where
an athlete may repeatedly rub a shoulder on a hard surface may
predispose him or her to bursitis pain.

It is most important to always wear Thermomedics protective therapy vest
to prevent the bursa from swelling or injury while training or competing in
those activities.

Traumatic bursitis is often treated by aspirating the bursa which involves
using a needle to draw fluid from the affected bursa. Rest can help to
reduce swelling, too. It is also important to compress the bursa with a
compressive joint support and continue use for best joint protection when
you return to the activity.

Suffer With Painful Bursitis in the Shoulder?
Doctors may also refer to bursitis of the shoulder as rotator cuff tendinitis
or biceps tendinitis. Safe effective
bursitis shoulder treatment with far
infrared therapy vest eases shoulder pain, enhances joint mobility and
reduces your reliance upon medication.

In the shoulder, the bursa generally become inflamed rather than swollen.
The recommended treatment for
shoulder bursitis is similar to chronic
bursitis which is rest, thermal therapy and range of motion exercises to
help strengthen surrounding muscle groups.

While at the moment doctors do not have a bursitis cure, far infrared
therapy is a safe, effective and non-pharmaceutical treatment for your
complete peace of mind.

Long-Term Management of Bursitis Pain
Using Thermomedic Therapy Garments is an effective and affordable
strategy to help reduce your risk of developing bursitis again. Offering
gentle, compressive support and soothing thermal healing, far infrared
compression-wear helps to prevent recurrence of work or sports-related
bursitis pain. Other tips to reduce your risk of bursitis injury include:
  • Using ergonomically-designed furniture and equipment.
  • Taking regular breaks.
  • Performing simple stretching exercises for 10 minutes every hour.
  • Having work benches at waist height to help your shoulders relax.



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