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Can Exercise Help Ease My Arthritis Pain?

Exercises to Prevent Joint Stiffness Caused by Arthritis PainExercise Can Help Ease Arthritis Pain
Clinical studies show that regular physical activity can help to relieve the
painful symptoms of arthritis. A recent study found that regular, gentle
exercise can significantly improve arthritis pain by helping to strengthen
your muscles and keep your joints flexible.

Further, those who suffered with arthritis benefited from a decrease in their
pain levels and fatigue, with improvement in limb function and increased
strength. An appropriate exercise program also proved highly suitable
for patients of all fitness levels, including inactive, elderly people, whose
arthritis symptoms significantly improved with exercise.

Physiotherapists recommend compressive joint supports to maintain correct
joint alignment and reduce the risk of further injury. Thermomedic Therapy
Garments are specially designed to offer you effective and safe joint
support to help ease arthritis pain and improve joint flexibility without the
risk of strain or re-injury.

Are There Exercises to Prevent Stiffness Caused by Arthritis?
Recent medical research shows that exercise programmes which involve
low-impact routines with gentle movements designed to work your joints
without building up a sweat are the most effective to increase your health
and fitness levels.

Improved strength, endurance and flexibility with a better ability to walk or
perform daily tasks are all benefits of exercise. In addition, exercise can
also reduce the disability and pain associated with arthritis symptoms. The
benefits of compression thermal joint supports include reduced joint
stiffness, less pain and improved joint mobility during exercise.

What Types Of Exercise Help Relieve Arthritis Pain?
There are three types of exercise that can help to improve your health if
you suffer with arthritis:

•Stretching which may include yoga, flexibility exercises and pilates
•Strength training using weights, bands or machines help your muscles to
become stronger and able to work for longer periods of time.
•Cardio-training which includes gentle walking, swimming, water aerobics,
exercise bikes and rowing machines.

Get started with Regular Exercise
Increase Your Physical Activity
Physical activity is any movement that results in you using energy. You
perform physical activity in everyday activities such as taking the stairs. Did
you know just 30 minutes of physical activity each day can help towards
maintaining your health and well-being?

Stand-up and Walk More Each Day
New research shows that simply getting up more from your desk each day
can be great news for your health. The more often you take breaks and
walk around your home or office, the lower your waist circumference.

Exercise is a structured and repetitive form of physical activity. Exercise can
help improve and maintain your aerobic fitness to ease the painful
symptoms of arthritis. Some exercise is better than none, even a little
movement each day can help you.





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