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Can Words Cause You To Feel Worse About Your Health?

Thermal therapy gloves for sore, cold hands and finger joint painDoctors Have Been Issued With A Warning About Saying The Word "Pain" To Their Patients

Centuries of thought analysis by psychologists who practice talk therapy recognize the power of language. But, as a culture, is it better to just hear the truth, plain and simple? Can prettying-up problems with carefully chosen "positive words" blunt those problems' emotional impact for us?

Is There Any Research Into How Our Brain Responds To The Words We Hear?

Yes, brain research indicates expressing your problems verbally eases emotional distress.

A recent study which used functional magnetic resonance imaging to scan the brains of participants suggested that putting your feelings into words could activate the part of the prefrontal cortex which can help suppress the area of your brain that produces emotional distress.

Today, published online in his newsletter, Dr Ross Walker writes about the perception of pain and how we respond to talking about it with our doctor.

Here is an extract from his article. "The latest piece of nonsense from the namby-pamby, politically correct, left-wing nut jobs is the suggestion that medical professionals should no longer use the word pain! Also, just as bad are those other dreadful terms: sting, hurt, itch and worry."

Mental and emotional wellness is equally important as physical health. Psychological techniques and therapy can help build resilience and teach us the necessary skills for management of chronic pain.

He continues: "To quote the doctor who made these suggestions: “The evidence shows that describing things in negative terms increases anxiety and pain and negativity interpretations of perceptions.

Really? Is the medical profession now left with the word perception to try put a positive spin on the person’s symptoms? Well, I hope I’m allowed to use the word "symptom".

Just imagine the conversation with the patient. ”Yes, Mr Jones, it appears you’re having chest perceptions. Without feeling at all uncomfortable, can you describe, only in glowing, positive terms, those perceptions?”  


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When we were children, our parents often quoted that hackneyed aphorism: “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me!”

Ever since the Tower of Babel, we’ve had this thing called language which is a major form of communication. As is the nature of our imperfect world, sometimes negative things happen. These negative occurrences may be very tragic, but it’s called reality. Symptoms are hardly ever positive.

The 'politically correct' have already tried to neutralise children’s sport by suggesting there should be no winners or losers. Heaven forbid that children learn they can’t always win! Now, they’re trying to make a doctor’s job even harder by trying to suggest we sanitise language by putting useful, common forms of communication which assist greatly in making diagnoses, purely on the off chance that these words may make the patient feel anxious or upset...


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... Let’s face it, this is a call to common sense. It’s now time that all people talking common sense point out to the vast majority of normal people that we won’t tolerate this type of politically correct nonsense any more."

If you would like to read it in full, you can find this health article here.

Tips on coping with chronic pain:

Manage your stress since emotional and physical pain are linked and persistent pain may lead to increased levels of stress. Getting plenty of physical activity is a positive way for you to handle your stress and pain.

Of course we all know how hard it is to get active when you are suffering with pain! Which is why Thermomedic Therapy Garments, the trusted name in thermal compression garments, is the safe and effective way to ease your chronic pain and feel better!

Speak to yourself constructively because positive thinking is a very powerful tool. So focus on your improvements which can help make a difference to your comfort level.

Get active to help distract yourself from your chronic pain by doing those activities you enjoy.  This will also help you enjoy the positive aspects of your life.

Talk to a health care professional. Overwhelmed by chronic pain?  Speak with your trusted health professional who will help you cope better with the physical and psychological problems.

With Thermomedic Therapy Garments, every day you are working toward finding a safe, natural and healthy way to deal with chronic pain to live a productive and fulfilling life.

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