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Diabetic Foot Care With Far Infrared Thermal Therapy

Diabetic Foot Care With Far Infrared Therapy Socks For Neuropathy Pain ReliefDiabetic Foot Health Care

What Is Diabetes?
Diabetes is a chronic condition that occurs when there are abnormally high levels of
glucose  or sugar in the blood. This is caused by the body not producing sufficient
or no insulin, so that the cells do not respond normally to the insulin that is
produced. Insulin is a hormone that is produced by the pancreas. It is needed for
glucose to enter the body cells and be converted to energy.

Diabetes can have serious health complications, including heart disease, stroke,
kidney failure and limb amputation.  It can take 15 years off a person’s life if not
managed properly.

cause of diabetes is not known for certain, however, the modern western diet
high in refined sugar may release excessive sugar levels in the body, causing high
blood sugar peaks.

There Are Two Main Types of Diabetes.

Type 1 Diabetes Or Insulin Dependent Diabetes  
~ Occurs when the pancreas no longer produces the insulin needed
~ Represents about 15% of all cases of diabetes
~ Is an autoimmune condition not generally caused by lifestyle factors
~ Is one of the most common chronic childhood diseases
~Type 1 diabetes is increasing by about 3% every year

Type 2 Diabetes Or Non-Insulin Dependent Diabetes
Occurs when the pancreas is not producing enough insulin or the insulin is  not
working effectively
~ Represents up to 90% of all cases of diabetes
~Risk factors include increasing age, family history, ethnic background and obesity
~Lifestyle factors such as poor diet, being overweight and lack of physical activity
contribute to the development of type 2 diabetes

Symptoms Of Diabetes
Symptoms of diabetes can include excessive thirst and urination, unexplained weight
loss, weakness & fatigue, irritability. Diabetes symptoms are usually diagnosed with
a routine blood test.

When blood glucose reaches higher levels, symptoms can include blurred vision,
infections that don’t heal or heal very slowly, tingling, burning and numbness in the
feet. This is caused by nerve damage and called
peripheral neuropathy.

Complications Caused By Type 2 Diabetes
The complications caused by type 2 diabetes may include increased risk of heart
disease and stroke, blindness, kidney failure, limb amputation and neuropathic pain.

Diabetes, Heart Disease & Stroke
Diabetes is also often associated with high blood pressure and high blood fats or
cholesterol and triglycerides which are know to cause an increased risk of heart
attack and stroke. Medical research tells us that over two-thirds of all cardiovascular
disease deaths occur in people with diabetes or

Diabetes & Eye Disease
Retinopathy is a major long-term complication of diabetes. The development of
retinopathy is very much connected to the length of time diabetes has been present
and the degree of blood glucose control. Diabetic retinopathy is the leading cause of
blindness in Australians aged under 60. About one in six people with diabetes is
affected by retinopathy. Seeing your doctor for regular eye checks and treatment
can help prevent blindness caused by

Type 2 diabetes continues to be the fastest growing chronic disease in Australia with
many Australians unaware of the seriousness of type 2 diabetes and the health and
lifestyle complications, including blindness, before it is too late.

The diabetes epidemic is growing by a staggering 275 new cases every day and we
have 1 million Australians registered on the National Diabetes Services Scheme. Did
you know that for every person known to have type 2 diabetes another is yet to be

Diabetes & Kidney Disease
Unfortunately, diabetes is the fastest growing cause of kidney failure, in fact, it is the
leading cause of end stage renal disease. Research shows us about 30% of people
with diabetes will develop kidney disease.

Diabetes & Lower Limbs
Neuropathy or peripheral nerve disease and blood vessel damage may lead to leg
ulcers and serious foot problems, such as burning sensation.

Is There A Cure For Diabetes?
There is no cure for either type 1 or type 2 diabetes at present. Thermomedic
Therapy Garments supports type 2 diabetes research. A recent study found there
may be a closer link between Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes than previously thought
and that our nervous system could play an important role in other irreversible
inflammatory diseases, such as
fibromyalgia and Crohn's disease.





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