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Diabetic Foot Pain Relief With Far Infrared Thermal Therapy

Diabetic Foot Pain Relief With Diabetic SocksHow Do You Give Your Diabetic Feet The Best Care?

If you suffer with the discomfort of diabetic foot pain, nerve damage, neuropathy or fragile damaged skin then far infrared diabetic socks are the right choice for you!

Diabetic Foot Care
With genetic predisposition, your risk is greatly increased by lifestyle conditions, such as suffering high blood pressure, being overweight, getting insufficient physical activity, eating a poor diet and having an ‘apple shaped’ body where extra weight is carried around the waist.

Type 2 Diabetes Is On The Increase
The Australian Diabetes Council warns that if new cases of type 2 diabetes continue at their current rate, Australian health will take a serious battering.

Mapping the rates of the chronic disease and heart disease in NSW, Australian Diabetes Council found that one Australian was being diagnosed every five minutes which means 290 Australians are discovering every day that they have type 2 diabetes. Recent statistics show the cost to our community of type 2 at the moment is over $10.3 billion.

If diabetes continues to grow at this rate, the cost to the Australian health care system by 2030, will consume the entire federal budget of this country.

Further, research shows that type 2 diabetes sufferers were about four times more likely to develop cardiovascular disease than those who do not have diabetes. These results reflect a number of serious health care issues, including poor eating and exercise habits.

Important Information
If pain persists or continues to worsen, please consult your doctor. This fact sheet is provided for general information only. Individuals should consult a qualified health care provider for professional medical advice, diagnosis and treatment of any medical or health condition.  

It is recommended you talk with your rheumatologist for more information before making any decisions about your care.




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