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Diabetic Socks For Soothing Neuropathic Pain Relief

What Are The Best Diabetic Socks For Neuropathic Pain Relief?

Type 2 Diabetes, Edema & Smelly Feet Problems

Suffer with Sore, Tingling Feet or the Discomfort of Burning Pain? Or maybe Odour & Perspiration Cause You  Grief?  Then Thermomedic Medical Socks with Negative Ion Therapy are the Wise Choice for Natural Pain Relief!

What Are The Best Diabetic Socks For Me?
Thermomedic Therapy Garments diabetic socks with 6% Far Infrared/Negative Ion Fibre are a great choice recommended by doctors to help ease the discomfort and pain associated with nerve damage and diabetic foot problems.

Thermomedic far infrared diabetic socks work by reflecting your body’s own natural heat back into the skin to keep your feet warmer in the winter while
comfortable and fresh in the summer weather.

What Therapy Socks Styles Are Available?
Thermomedic therapy socks are available in two styles to suit you. We offer our very popular regular support socks with negative ion/far infrared fibre for mild compressive support to improve circulation and ease swelling and edema, making them especially good for sport or travel to reduce the risk of injury and thrombosis.

Our all-natural loose-top socks are especially popular with people who suffer with swollen ankles and want non-binding bands on their socks. They make a
great bed sock, too.      


Best diabetic socks for nerve pain


How Can Far Infrared/Negative Ion Therapy Help Me?
Far infrared thermal therapy is recognised as a natural, safe and effective broad-spectrum anti-microbial agent for the control and treatment of foot odour and skin infections. Far infrared with negative ion provides unparalleled antibacterial performance providing natural and safe health care benefits for diabetic foot problems.

This is especially good news if, as part of your work, you are forced to sit or stand frequently for long periods of time meaning leg movement, activity and exercise is restricted.

Thermomedic support socks are suitable for both the prevention and therapeutic treatment of symptoms of peripheral neuropathy by naturally enhancing circulation and soothing warmth.

Negative Ion is an excellent choice for good foot health and Thermomedic Therapy Garments with far infrared therapy increase’s blood circulation to regulate the skin temperature keeping the feet warmer.

This makes Thermomedics diabetic socks extremely comfortable to wear and helps to prevent the feeling of aching, heavy legs due to the comforting well-being effect produced by natural FIR fibres. Improved circulation helps to reduce swelling meaning the risk of thrombosis and cramped veins can help to be prevented.

Thermomedics socks are made with
negative ion fibre which is safe and natural, completely non-toxic and 100% free of all hazardous substances, there are no chemicals and pesticides.

Loose-Top Diabetic Socks For Swollen Ankles
Thermomedics special loose-top socks for diabetics have extra gentle soft tops which are non-binding for superb comfort and a low compression created by our super-soft natural fibres.

Thermomedic Therapy Garments loose-top diabetic socks are non-restrictive, making them a great choice if you suffer with the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy, ketoacidosis, burning, tingling or swollen ankles as they won't cause the discomfort caused by restriction or pressure of tight sock bands.


Best diabetic socks for peripheral neuropathy pain

What Is Diabetic Ketoacidosis?
Doctors tell us diabetic ketoacidosis is a medical complication of diabetes mellitus which causes your body's chemical balance to become too acidic.

We know that diabetic ketoacidosis is caused by a severe insulin deficiency. Insulin is a hormone that is made by your body to help lower blood sugar levels if they become too high. We all require insulin to convert glucose into energy so
type 2 diabetes is caused when we are unable to produce the insulin we need.

Diabetic ketoacidosis combines the following three symptoms:
~ hyperglycemia or high blood sugar levels
~ hyperketonemia which is the overproduction of ketones by your body
~ acidosis is when your blood has become too acidic.

Insulin deficiency is responsible for these three diabetic conditions. The presence of too many ketones can cause your blood to become more acidic
than your body tissues, which creates a toxic health condition.

Some of the common Diabetic Ketoacidosis symptoms include:
~ excessively high blood sugar levels
~ frequent urination and thirst
~ fatigue and tiredness
~ nausea
~ stomach pain
~ rapid breathing
~ muscle aches and stiffness


best diabetic socks for nerve pain and neuropathy pain

How Can Thermomedic Therapy Garments Help My Diabetic Symptoms?
Natural, gentle and non-toxic, Thermomedic Therapy Garments are specially designed to offer you fast, affordable and effective relief from the symptoms of diabetes, neuropathy and ketoacidosis.

Recommended by doctors and physiotherapists, Thermomedic Therapy
Garments are the wise choice in health care functional garments.

Far Infrared Diabetic Socks... Effective Treatment for Sore, Painful Feet and Ankles That You Can Wear Anytime!

You can choose Thermomedic joint supports, therapy gloves and diabetic socks with complete peace of mind.
Thermomedic guarantee it!




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