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Best Exercises For Arthritis Pain Relief

Exercises For Arthritis Pain Relief With FIR Treatment ClothesExercise Tips for Natural Arthritis Pain Relief

What are some exercise tips that can help ease joint
pain, enhance mobility and improve function for sore
arthritic joints?

~ Range-of-motion: To maintain normal joint movement and relieve stiffness.
These make the joints flexible.
~ Strengthening exercises: To increase the strength of muscles that support
the joints affected by arthritis.
~ Aerobic or endurance exercises: They improve cardiovascular fitness,
control weight and improve overall body function.
Weight control is important in arthritis because extra weight puts extra
pressure on joints. Aerobics also reduce inflammation in some joints.

How To Start an Exercise Program for Osteoarthritis?
A skilled physician, knowledgeable about the medical and rehabilitation needs
of people with arthritis or physical therapists, can design effective exercise
plans for each patient. Depending upon the severity of the condition, the
doctor will either recommend his own exercises or refer you to a physical
therapist. The latter will know about pain-relief methods, proper body
mechanics placement of the body for a given task, such as lifting a heavy box,
joint protection, and energy conservation.

Begin with gentle, easy exercises or low-impact aerobics.

How Often Should I Exercise?
Range-of-motion: Daily or every alternate day
~ Strengthening exercises: Alternate days
~ Endurance exercises: About 20 to 30 minutes three times a week

In General, It Is Best For You To Exercise:
Regularly, at the same time each day
~ When you feel the least pain and joint stiffness
~ When you are feeling well-rested and relaxed
~ When your arthritis medication is giving you the best effect

How Much Exercise Is Too Much?
Stop exercise if you experience pain. Reduce your arthritis exercise program
whenever you notice any of the following signs:

~ Unusual or persistent fatigue
~ Increased weakness
~ Decreased range of motion
~ Increased joint swelling
~ Pain

Arthritis Exercise Tips
•Wear thermal therapy knee supports to relieve sore joints
•Start strengthening exercises slowly
•Progress slowly. Exercise at a comfortable, steady pace for you
•Consider appropriate recreational exercise. Fewer injuries to arthritic joints
occur during recreational exercise if it is preceded by range-of-motion,
strengthening and aerobic exercise that gets your body in the best condition
•Breathe while you exercise. Don't hold your breath. Counting out loud during
the exercise will help you breathe deeply and regularly.
•Heat relaxes your joints and muscles and helps relieve pain. Mild heat gives
the best results.
•Choose exercises for your arthritis that you enjoy so you can make exercise a
regular habit.





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