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Therapy Socks

Far Infrared Thermal Therapy Socks For Neuropathy, Raynauds Disease and Sore Feet

Far Infrared Therapy Socks With Negative Ion Technology For Tired, Swollen Feet & Ankles

Far Infrared socks with loose-top are the ideal therapy sock for the safe and effective rehabilitation and treatment of sore, tired feet, swollen ankles or joint pain resulting from gout symptoms, injury, disease and general wear and tear.

These premium quality, far infrared therapy socks can help ease the discomfort associated with neuropathic pain, diabetes and Raynaud's Disease. They are a safe, soothing arthritis and gout treatment sock. Thermomedic therapy socks effectively help reduce the discomfort of foot odour and perspiration for improved foot hygiene.

Anti-static, moisture-transferring Thermomedic therapy socks help ease foot and ankle pain associated with Raynaud's, sporting injury, surgery, diabetes, neuropathy or general discomfort and perspiration. Thermomedic Therapy Socks offer anti-bacterial qualities for to help prevent odour for improved therapeutic value. The high FIR content helps to avoid skin irritation from over-heating.

Thermomedic diabetic socks provide light, soothing comfort to help improve blood circulation, relieve edema and relieve your leg's tiredness and ease diabetic foot problems.

Thermal socks offer comfortable 'preventative' therapy suitable for aching legs, long-distance travel, sensitive and delicate skin as well as being ideal for those who wish to maintain healthy, odour-free feet.

Made from premium quality fibres, Thermomedic therapy socks with Negative Ion Technology assist to naturally improve the health and fitness of sportsmen and women. Elite athletes of all disciplines are discovering the benefits of wearing negative ion clothing for a naturally enhanced sporting performance. Thermomedic FIR negative ion Socks offer you optimum performance and well-being in a safe convenient pack!





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