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Far Infrared Therapy Treatment For Soothing Pain Relief

Far Infrared Therapy Treatment With Thermomedics Compression Joint Supports and BracesClever Clothes That Improve Your Health!
Scientific researchers have created clever new textiles that can improve your
health naturally, safely relieve aches and pain and may even help reduce your
need for medication!

Bio-Ceramic Textiles AreThe Clever Fibre Technology
Imagine a vest that can gently sooth your stiff, sore back and shoulders or warming medical gloves that helps eliminate the numbness, tingling and pain
associated with carpal tunnel, Raynaud’s Disease, lupus or arthritis. Or, thermal socks that help ease the neuropathic pain of diabetes. Well, imagine no more.
Thermomedic Therapy Garments has created a unique range of therapeutic
garments that harnesses the beneficial power of thermal therapy as an aid for your good health.

FIR Functional clothes use your natural body heat to soothe pain, reduce
muscle stiffness and enhance joint mobility. Just a small improvement in your
health and well-being can allow you to lead a more active and happier life and
work as well as assist to reduce dependence on pharmaceutical drugs or anti-inflammatory medication.

How Do Bio-ceramic Fibres Work?
These new bio-ceramic fabrics incorporate superfine, natural earth minerals
and ceramic oxide powders blended with cotton fibres which allow the skin to
breathe to reduce perspiration, odour and the risk of skin irritation.

Manufactured to the highest standards, Thermomedic's therapeutic products
use advanced nanofibre technology to ensure optimum therapeutic benefit.
'These clever clothes are specifically designed to naturally enhance blood
circulation without elevating blood pressure which is crucial to improve healing
and maintain good health. This means the thermal therapy
works exactly where you require maximum therapeutic benefit, without the need
for invasive treatments or high-dose medications which can often complicate
the situation with unpleasant side-effects, such as nausea.

On top of this, far infrared therapy garments, can be effectively used for
retaining the position of wound dressings and bandages, as well as joint and
limb supports for elite athletes and sports-people as part of their training
regime. Compression joint supports relax muscles, reduce concussion and
strain upon joints as well as providing necessary healing for damaged
ligaments and tendons during rehabilitation from injury or surgery. Therapy
socks and therapy gloves are easy to use day and night.

The Future Looks Good
Thermomedic Therapy Garments sees a bright, healthy future for natural
therapeutic treatments. They are now seeing these new health care advances
increasingly being accepted by traditional health care providers as a useful
adjunct to their mainstream medical treatments. Alternative medicine is
effective and non-invasive so health care providers are interested. We are keen to help get the information out there to those people who can benefit most…the elderly, frail or injured as well as elite athletes and sports people who we all look up to for their marvelous athletic performances.

It is expected that clever clothing and thermal textiles will increasingly play a
major role in the way we approach and treat many painful, debilitating health
disorders. At the very least, these new, clever fabrics, far infrared treatments
and thermal therapy clothes can be used to provide natural, beneficial health
care solutions to safely complement the medical products that are already

available from your trusted health care professional.




"It's wonderful to be without all that pain. I thought I would be on pain-killers for ever! Having been diagnosed with bursitis in my shoulder, I was unable to even lift my arm ... now I'm even back playing golf again! Thank you so much."

- Jamila Zindani, Farmingdale, NY. US.



Far infrared therapy  with thermal therapy treatment to ease swelling and soothe pain


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