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Far Infrared Therapy Treatments For Fast Pain Relief

Far Infrared Therapy Treatments with Wrist Supports, Braces, Splints & Compression GlovesWhat is Bio-Ceramic Far Infrared Thermal Technology?
Bio-ceramic thermal technology is the harnessing of nature's far infrared thermal energy. We all experience this healthful type of infrared radiation every day in the form of heat from the sun. Unlike harmful ultraviolet light,
far Infrared waves are beneficial to the body. Easily absorbed, far infrared
therapy are thought to generate positive physiological and biological effects.

Recent advancements in scientific research, using selected earth minerals,
made it possible to produce this thermal energy in laboratories. The limitation
of these earth minerals was that they were required to be heated to a
temperature of 100 degrees C in order to emit their far infrared thermal

Far infrared therapy offers safe healing options about how you can achieve
optimal well-being, allowing you to take control of managing your own health
in a caring, nurturing way.

Far infrared thermal therapy functional clothing

Safe, Warming Natural Far Infrared Therapy
The technologically advanced bio-ceramic textiles used by Thermomedic
Thermal Therapy Garments, however, require only normal human body
temperature of 36 to 37 degrees C to emit their safe, therapeutic warmth.

Our unique, patented formula uses 26 naturally-occurring earth minerals and
ceramic oxide powders. Using advanced textile engineering these bio-
ceramic fibres are woven into functional health care garments, therefore,
ensuring that these therapeutic benefits are readily available to us.

What are Bio-Ceramic Thermal Textiles?
Research into new materials has resulted in the development of scientifically-
advanced fibres containing thermo-reactive minerals which work to convert
your natural, radiant body heat into soothing, gentle warmth and reflect it
back into your body, imparting soothing benefits.

This concentrated research and product development, means that,
Thermomedic Therapeutic Health Care, in conjunction with leading
researchers and technicians, has developed a unique range of therapeutic
bio-ceramic textile sports braces, compression supports and garments. Our
products are meticulously made using a unique, patented manufacturing
process, which consists of the high-temperature treatment of superfine bio-
ceramic minerals. These highly concentrated therapeutic compounds are
then blended with superior quality cotton or polyester/cotton fibres.

Garments made with these yarns can offer impressive, natural health caring
functions. Patients wearing thermal t
herapeutic devices can demonstrate
improved micro-circulation, muscular
pain relief, reduced local inflammation,
the suppression of bacteria and odour and raised body temperature for
increased warmth and comfort.

What is Far Infrared?
The sun, our source of life-sustaining power, provides the answer. On a
clear, sunny day the comforting warmth you feel on your skin is far infrared
radiation. Completely safe, far infrared light, unlike ultraviolet radiation, does
not cause skin damage or sunburn. Generally, far Infrared light waves have
proven to be the most optimal for improving our health because of their safe,
natural thermal qualities.

Infrared light waves are electromagnetic waves located between visible light
and microwave. With a wavelength range between 0.76 to 1000 um, infrared
is divided into three wave types: Short, Near and Far Infrared. Found
between 8-14um frequency, Far Infrared light waves are the most optimal for
improving our health because of their thermal qualities.

At the atomic level, far infrared energy is shown to cause the body's
molecules to vibrate thus making the infrared a useful frequency range for
therapeutic use since it heats the object but not the air around it.

In our everyday lif
e, infrared light rays are used for purposes such as food-
processing and medical treatments. In agriculture, infrared light is needed to
warm, fertilize and increase growth at a cellular level to naturally enhance
production. However, when applied to the human body, only the far infrared
rays have biologically beneficial effects. These warming "far infrared rays"
have a wavelength compatible with the human body and are thus easily

Bio-ceramic compounds, naturally occurring biological minerals, also emit
these far infrared warming effects which generate positive, healthful
physiological and biological effects within our bodies. Bio-Ceramic
compounds have proven to be a very safe, effective treatment in the relief of
pain and discomfort associated with
arthritis, peripheral neuropathy,
repetitive stress syndrome, muscle soreness, joint pain,
sprained ankles,
swelling and stiffness from sporting activities.

How Can I Benefit From Far Infrared Therapy Clothing?
Thermal therapy clothing and joint supports have been shown,
by independent studies and consumers world-wide, to help provide the
following therapeutic health benefits:

  •   Improved micro-circulation
  •   Increased blood supply to the body's soft tissue
  •   Promoting regeneration and faster healing
  •   Assist with biological processes such as sleep and pain control
  •   Preventing bacterial growth and reducing odour

Thermomedic therapeutic far infrared clothing, supports and sports joint
supports provide non-invasive, non-addictive pain relief without side effects.

Thermomedic therapy gloves help relieve arthritis pain, gently without drugs or medication.



Thermomedic therapy Clothes for Pain Relief



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