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Functional Garments and Compression Wear With Thermal Therapy

Far Infrared Compression Joint Supports For Chronic Pain Relief

 How Can Thermomedic Therapy Garments Help Me?

Thermomedic Therapy Garments can help you by providing safe, effective and natural pain relief for arthritic pain, sporting injuries, burning carpal tunnel syndrome,  bursitis and cold hands and feet associated with poor circulation.

Thermomedic Therapy Garments provide excellent support during exercise, pre-game warm-up and have proven to assist reduce the risk of strain and injury.

Thermomedic Therapy Garments are specially designed to provide firm compressive support to enable remedial exercise for the repair and strengthening of joints muscles.

What Are Functional Garments?

Functional garments are designed to aid in the protection of your body against extreme cold, injury from accidental knocks or rubbing, strains or sprains from sporting activities as well as help provide structural stability for weakened or injured joints. Advanced textile technology coupled with human-centred, ergonomic design has meant we can devise thermal clothing to provide, safe and effective practical health care solutions without the risk of unpleasant side-effects.

This means far infrared therapy clothes from Thermomedic are safe to wear, even for long term treatment. Costing just cents a day for long term therapy, far infrared functional garments are so very affordable!

Are Bio-ceramic Textiles Safe to Use?
Yes. Thermomedic Therapy Garments, sports supports and braces are safe because they provide non-invasive, non-addictive pain relief without ill side effects. The non-toxic, drug-free therapy may be safely used as an adjunct to other medical treatments.

Bio-ceramic compounds, made from naturally-occurring earth minerals, have proven to be a very safe, effective treatment in the relief of joint pain, muscle ache and discomfort.  

Who Can use Far Infrared Therapy Products?
Thermomedic Therapy Garments are safe and effective for the whole family. They can help relieve symptoms from painful arthritis, sports-related injuries, joint pain and stiffness, muscle soreness and other painful health complaints. They are also most effective in relieving discomfort associated with general aging.

Bio-ceramic therapy products assist with symptoms of cold and chill, therefore, are perfect under-garments for sports people, such as skiers and alpine trekkers. Competitive sports people may use Thermomedics garments as part of their warm-up and cooling-down regime to prevent injury and increase flexibility for enhanced performance.


Thermomedic therapy wrist supports provide calming warmth and even compression

How Often Should I Wear My Therapy Garments?
You may wear Thermomedic Therapy Garments as often as you need. Thermomedic far infrared therapy clothes do not contain medications so they can be worn day or night. Far infrared therapy gloves and socks are ideal to wear to bed at night as well as during the day at home, playing sport or work. When you choose to wear your therapy garments is a matter of personal preference, symptom control and lifestyle.

What Is the Difference Between Bio-ceramic Technology and Far Infrared?
These terms are often interchanged. Basically most people understand them as delivering the same therapeutic benefits, however, to be accurate, far infrared thermal energy is the science behind the bio-ceramic product that delivers the health benefits to you.

Bio-ceramic technology is an appropriate term because the health care benefits of these unique products is the result of the superfine bio-ceramic compounds impregnated into these therapy garments.

Who Should not Use Bio-ceramic Therapy Products?
If you are undergoing treatment for cancer or suffer from acne roscea it is recommended that you wait until the condition and/or treatment is completed before using therapy garments.

People fitted with pacemakers and other implantable medical devices should not use Thermomedic Thermal Therapy Garments. Patients suffering fever, bleeding wounds or kidney or liver complains are advised not to use thermal therapy products until cured. It is recommended that you consult your trusted medical practitioner before using FIR Therapy Garments.


Far infared theraml therapy gloves for arthritis pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and cold blue hands


Should Pregnant Woman Avoid Thermal Compression Garments?
When you are pregnant your body naturally goes through many changes. It is best to consult with your doctor to receive personal advice regarding any health issues you may have, such as, swollen ankles. Sometimes changes in your body may be signs that you require specific medical treatment. Thermomedics therapy clothing may be worn by pregnant women under medical advice.

Why are Thermomedic Therapy Garments the Best For Me?
Thermomedic Therapy Garments offer optimum health care benefits because they:

  • have a very high content of the active bio-ceramic elements which most effectively assist the body to heal while offering support and relief from the discomfort of pain and injury. Our unique manufacturing process ensures these products retain their therapeutic benefits even after 300 washes.
  • are specifically designed to offer a range of therapeutic options to suit your individual needs.
  • incorporate beneficial thermal therapy as an additional therapeutic aid in the relief of pain, joint and muscle soreness.
  • allow your skin to breath naturally, therefore, reducing the risk of rashes and skin irritations from perspiration and over-heating. This is particularly important if you require long term health care.
  • conform to the highest standards of quality control during manufacturing and handling processes.

Should Thermomedic Therapy Garments be worn directly against the skin?
Yes. You gain maximum therapeutic benefit when worn in direct contact with the skin. Thermal back support may be worn over thin singlet if preferred.


Get fast, safe, effective and natural pain relief for arthritic pain, sporting injuries or ankle sprain

How Do You Use Far Infrared Thermal Back Supports?
Our patented bio-ceramic technology creates a strong, warm sensation to relieve back pain. Thermomedic lower back support may be worn directly against your skin or over a thin singlet or tee-shirt if  you prefer a reduced level of warmth. Initially, use the thermal back support for short periods, gradually increasing therapy time according to your personal preferences. Moist skin enhances the sensation of heat.

Can I use deep heat balms and creams with Thermomedic Health Care Products?
No, you should not apply oils, balms, liniments, heat rubs or other products under Thermomedic Therapy Garments.

How Often Should I Wash Thermomedic Therapy Clothing?
Therapy garments should be washed in cold water and mild soap only when they become soiled. Supports and garments worn continuously may be washed as required, while heavily-soiled sports garments may require washing after each use.

How do I Choose the Correct size Thermomedic Therapy Garment for me?
Thermomedics health care garments should be a comfortable fit at all times. To ensure effective therapeutic benefits and treatment, check the Measurement Chart size for your correct size.


Far infrared thermal therapy socks, diabetic socks, loose top socks and men's socks

When Should I Wear Thermomedic Therapy Garments?
The slim-lined styling of Thermomedic therapy clothes ensure maximum comfort while they help your body heal. They can easily be worn under your normal clothes, day and night. Sports people can wear them as an integral part of their warm-up and cooling down regime to avoid injury and naturally enhance flexibility.

Can Athletes Wear Thermomedic Therapy Garments During Sport?
Yes. Research shows elite sportsmen and women are benefiting from the latest scientific research into safe natural and effective ways, such as far infrared and negative ion therapies, to ensure maximum performance levels without the risk of artificial drugs.

What is Far Infrared Radiant Heat?
Far Infrared radiant heat is the soothing warmth you feel on your skin when you are out in the sun. Natural sunlight is a combination of both visible light and invisible light. Infrared and ultraviolet are invisible light, however, unlike ultraviolet, far infrared light does not damage your skin.

The sun is our primary source of radiant energy. Far infrared heat provides the healthy benefits of natural sunlight without the dangerous effects of solar radiation. Health care professionals recommend infrared heat to treat a variety of health problems.



Far infrared braces for sore, injured and swollen joints. Elastic joint supports for wrist pain relief



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