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Thermal Therapy Gloves For Soothing Arthritis Pain Relief

Gloves For Arthritis Pain and Sore Finger JointsSoothing Far Infrared Therapy Gloves For Arthritis Pain                          
Have you just been diagnosed with arthritis, either rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis or another form of degenerative joint disease?

Gentle Warming Techniques With Far Infrared Arthritis Gloves

Can Help Relieve Sore Hands, Wrist and Finger Pain

While there is no cure for arthritis there is a safe, simple way to help care for your sore hands. Soothing far infrared thermal therapy is significant because it really is a new way of thinking about how to treat diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis without prescription medication.

Natural thermal and compression therapies offer applications for other diseases too, including type 1 diabetes and carpal tunnel syndrome. It's a technology that is a more practical way for patients to care for their arthritic hands as well as being more cost-effective.

What Can You Do To Ease The Burden Of Living With Arthritis?
Living with the pain of arthritis can be very difficult. Keeping as active as possible can help you maintain your busy, everyday life style. This is just one reason why physical therapists recommend arthritis sufferers use heat therapy to enhance circulation, improve joint mobility and help relieve hand pain.

Incorporate wearing your Thermomedic therapy gloves into your daily routine to protect your sore hands and help you cope with your everyday activities.

Far infrared therapy is so safe and gentle you can also wear your arthritis gloves to bed each night to ease hand pain for a better night's sleep, reduce the discomfort of morning stiffness and soothe stiff and painful joints in your hands, wrists and fingers.


Far Infrared Therapy  Gloves Help Give Soothing Gentle Relief For Sore, Aching or Cold Hands and Fingers

When Is The Best Time To Treat Arthritis?
Rheumatologists suggest the early treatment of rheumatoid arthritis matters as much as how you treat it. Studies show that if rheumatoid arthritis goes untreated for two years, the majority of sufferers will develop joint erosion, indicating disease progression. In fact, clinical research also shows that treating your rheumatoid arthritis sooner rather than later, can not only lessen the risk of long term joint damage but may also help reduce your reliance upon prescription medications.

What Treatment For Hand Arthritis Pain Should I Choose?
Sticking to a medication schedule is not always easy, especially when you are taking several arthritis drugs or experience unpleasant side effects, even including hair loss. But working with your rheumatologist or physician to choose the best alternative medicine for your individual needs can help you feel healthier with less side-effects.

Safe, effective and natural far infrared therapy gloves are easy to wear, so comfortable and very affordable. In fact, ThermomedicTM arthritis gloves are recommended world-wide by doctors, physiotherapists and health care professionals as an effective adjunct to prescription medications.

Since ThermomedicTM therapy gloves are non-pharmaceutical they will not interfere with any other medical treatments.


Far Infrared Therapy  Gloves Help Give Soothing Gentle Relief For Sore, Aching or Cold Hands and Fingers

How Can Therapy Gloves For Arthritis Help Me?
Did you know about 60% of patients feel a dramatic improvement in their rheumatoid arthritis symptoms with early therapy?  

Wearing thermal arthritis gloves assists ease the early symptoms of inflammatory rheumatoid arthritis to help prevent long term joint damage in the hands. However, while it's ideal to start your arthritis treatment as soon as possible, arthritis gloves can still be beneficial to ease your symptoms and disease progression at any stage.

Sadly, rheumatoid arthritis affects about 500,000 Australians. Want to read more about the latest arthritis research?

So choose Thermomedic Therapy GarmentsTM with complete peace of mind.





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