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Gout Treatment Gloves and Socks With Far Infrared Therapy

What Is The Best Gout Treatment?Do You Suffer With a Throbbing Big Toe That's Red, Hot and Swollen? Are you Suffering From  the Pain of Gout?

Did you know that gout affects about 275 out of 100,000 people in America according to new statistics? Gout affects more men than women.

What Is Gout?
Gout is a form of rheumatic disease caused by excessive uric acid deposits in the joints. It can affect any joint, such as your fingers, wrist, elbow, knee, ankle, or foot. However, the large joint of your big toe is usually the first to show symptoms.

The buildup of sharp, needle-like uric acid crystals that lead to pain and swelling in the joint is to blame for your gout attack. Gout usually occurs suddenly and may come and go in intensity over several days.

What Are The Symptoms of Gout?
Symptoms of gout include sudden, severe pain and tenderness, redness, warmth and swelling, in the affected joints, most commonly the big toe. Initially, attacks often occur at night and may sometimes be confused with a broken toe.

In severe attacks, the weight of bedding on the swollen joint can cause excruciating pain. Repeated attacks can be preceded by tingling in previously affected joints.

How Is Gout Diagnosed?
Gout can be difficult to diagnose as it may be confused with other illnesses, such as a sprain or an infection. It is diagnosed with a physical examination, medical history, and a test to measure the amount of uric acid in your blood. Joint damage in chronic gout conditions can be seen on x-ray.


How Can Far Infrared Therapy Help My Painful Gout? Gout Gloves and Gout Socks


How Can Far Infrared Therapy Help My Painful Gout?
Gout sufferers can find soothing relief using the beneficial therapeutic far infrared therapy socks and therapy gloves from Thermomedic in two ways.

Firstly, FIR therapy clothes warm and stimulate circulation for improved healing and natural pain relief. The thermal effect of far infrared therapy calms acute inflammation of affected joints and
tissues, particularly useful for sufferers who are allergic to traditional pain-killers.

Secondly, as regular, gentle exercise is an effective, preventative measure for gout, Thermomedic functional clothes are specially designed to provide compression joint support so that you can move pain-free!

Thermomedic Therapy Garments and orthopaedic supports are the wise choice for gout pain relief. The soothing comfort of Thermomedic Therapy Garments joint supports,
medical gloves and thermal socks are highly recommended to assist and encourage regular exercise to avoid the risk of permanent joint damage.

Why Choose Thermomedic Far Infrared Therapy For Gout Pain Relief?
Thermomedic far infrared therapy treatments are specially designed to help make pain relief for gout safe and effective for you. It is so important to understand how you can safely treat your gout because repeated attacks in the same joint may lead to permanent damage.

Thermal therapy, a long-accepted and highly effective natural medical treatment valued for its soothing remedial power offers you a non-pharmaceutical treatment for your gout pain to ensure you a healthier quality of life without the risk of unpleasant side effects.

Thermomedic thermal care for gout focuses on helping your body prevent and eliminate the build up of uric acid. Thermomedic encourages the healthy function of your body for optimum health and with this highly effective preventative treatment you may be able to avoid further
gout attacks or lessen their severity.


Thermomedic Therapy Gloves for Gout Symptom Relief


Thermomedic Therapy Gloves for Gout Symptom Relief
The fibres in our therapy gloves and gout socks use bio-ceramic minerals to retain your own natural body heat to help penetrate into sore joints and soft tissue to assist relieve symptoms associated with gout. It is this gentle, thermal therapy that helps ease swelling, pain and improve circulation.

This means that on those days when your gout pain flares, the gentle warmth can help lessen the severity of your symptoms. While no one treatment works for all symptoms, Thermomedic far infrared gloves and socks offer an effective, self-care treatment option to help minimize gout symptoms and improve your general sense of well-being.

While, everyone's response is quite individual, they offer a non-pharmaceutical therapy that does not rely on an external power source. This means that they are a very popular choice with our customers seeking a safe adjunct to their prescribed medication for extended periods of time.

You can visit our online catalogue for Thermomedic Therapy Gloves. These therapy gloves are our most popular to help soothe the symptoms associated with gout.


 Gout Treatment Gloves With Far Infrared Therapy



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