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Hand Pain

Hand Pain Treatment With Far Infrared Thermal Therapy Gloves and Palm SupportsBenefits of Far Infrared Heat Therapy For Hand Pain

Can Far Infrared Therapy Gloves Help Ease Sore Hands?
Do you know that seniors are more likely to suffer from diseases such as
chronic fatigue, arthritis, falls and injuries, chronic pains in the back and joints,
elevated blood pressure, sleep disorders and many other conditions? Doctors
say that as we age we need to take care to of our hands to prevent injury or
damage to delicate skin and joints.

It is important to stay mindful that lifestyle habit and diet changes are often part
of the overall treatment of these conditions. However, time-tested techniques
such as heat therapy and its latest scientific advancement, Far Infrared
Therapy can provide natural pain relief.

What Is Far Infrared?
Far infrared light is the frequency of invisible light that is generated naturally by
the sun. FIR Therapy is a type of low energy therapy that takes advantage of
the heat generated by waves of energy from the far end of the infrared

An ancient technique, Far Infrared Therapy uses this thermal energy to elevate
the surface temperature of the body by a small amount.

This means that when we slightly induce a very small temperature increase, we
can enhance our body's functioning for improved health benefits.

This safe and natural alternative therapy can be used in the treatment of a
variety of health problems such as arthritis, muscle pain and spasms and
shoulder or joint stiffness.

FIR therapy may also benefit your body by:

~  Helping the body eliminate toxins through perspiration
~  Reducing tension and stress
~  Improving lymphatic flow
~  Enhancing joint mobility
~  Increasing the circulation of blood deep in the tissues

Far infrared waves can penetrate up to three inches deep to generate warmth
that can provide immense relief to muscles and internal organs. The gentle
heat produced in far infrared heat therapy exerts an analgesic effect and can
help reduce or eliminate chronic pains that seniors often experience in various
parts of the body. Stiffness in the joints from arthritis can be significantly

Several studies show that far infrared heat makes connective tissue more
flexible, permits greater joint movement and brings about increased levels of
endorphins, which help to ease pain.

Further, far infrared therapy also causes blood vessels to expand. This
expansion leads to improved circulation and allows the immune system cells
and chemicals to converge on the injured areas to facilitate the healing
process. Despite the heat induced, FIR therapy does not cause any significant
rise in core body temperature or in blood pressure, which makes it safer for
seniors with cardiovascular problems.

FIR therapy uses advanced fibre technology to produce soothing, gentle far
infrared heat. Thermomedic's far clothing, including undergarments, therapy
gloves, joint braces and socks, use specially designed, infrared emitting fabrics
to produce the infrared heat.

FIR therapy generate radiant heat that penetrates deep into the body to
provide natural pain relief for improved health benefits.

What Medical Conditions Can Be Treated With Far Infrared
If you suffer with the pain and discomfort caused by carpal tunnel syndrome,
trigger finger, Raynauds Disease or degenerative joint disease, then far
infrared therapy gloves and joint supports may improve joint mobility, enhance
circulation for better healing as well as ease pain for improved hand and joint



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