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Hand Pain Treatment

Best Hand Pain Treatment With Far Infrared Therapy Gloves and Palm SupportsWhat Is The Best Treatment For Hand Pain?
ThermomedicTM therapy gloves are a comfortable, natural and affordable
treatment for sore wrists, stiff finger joints and hand pain. Non-pharmaceutical,
these therapy gloves are the ideal choice to soothe your hand pain, gently and

Thermomedic therapy gloves are recommended to treat arthritis pain, Raynaud's
disease, sports injury, sore, swollen wrists, cold hands or peripheral neuropathy.

Far infrared therapy gloves and wrist supports also assist ease the symptoms of
carpal tunnel syndrome and poor circulation. Available in full-finger or fingerless
styles, Thermomedic therapy gloves are designed for everyday activities, such as,
knitting, housework, craft and hobbies as well as for work and office use.

How Can Thermomedic Therapy Gloves Help My Hand Pain?
Thermomedic Therapy GarmentsTM are designed to ease pain, provide
compression and warmth and improve circulation for improved healing. Far
infrared therapy gloves:

~ Offer soothing, gentle thermal therapy to warm chilled, cold fingers and hands
~ Provide mild to medium compression to ease throbbing hand pain
~ Available in a fingerless style designed specially for busy hands
~ Made with bio-ceramic/cotton blend fibres to allow your skin to breathe
~ Are non-pharmaceutical, making them safe, even for long term treatment
~ Ergonomically designed to provide you with effective, safe hand care
~ Easy to use and comfortable to wear, day and night.

Thermomedic Therapy Garments  Quality Health Care Treatments
At Thermomedic Therapy Garments, we are proud of the quality health care
treatments we offer and our dedication to serve the needs of you, our valued
customers. Our dedication to the development of safe, effective and affordable
health care treatments is reflected in the amount of repeat business we receive.
So, no matter if this is your first purchase with us or one of many, you can be
assured our dedicated team work hard to make it the very best buying experience

How Do I Care For My Thermal Gloves & Wrist Supports?
Thermomedic recommend you hand wash your therapy clothes in cold water and
mild soap, air dry out of the sun to avoid discolouration of the fibres. Do not
tumble-dry, iron or bleach to preserve the appearance of your far infrared therapy

Can Hand Exercises Help Ease My Hand Pain?
Yes, orthopedic specialists tell us gentle exercise can help maintain finger joint
flexibility, enhance circulation as well soothe hand pain. You can try these exercise
tips for more flexible finger joints and reduced hand pain.

Bend Your Fingers
Hand exercises help improve muscle strength and joint range of motion in those
who suffer arthritis. It is recommended you do hand exercises each day. It may be
helpful to do your hand exercises while soaking your hands in warm water to
reduce the risk of injury and strain. It is important to remember that hand exercises
shouldn't cause you pain.

Begin your hand exercises by relaxing your hand. Hold your fingers straight and
close together. Gently bend the end and middle joints of your fingers. Ensure your
wrist and knuckles remain straight. Slowly and smoothly, move your hand back to
the starting position. Repeat with your other hand. For best results, try this
exercise with each hand, several times each day.

Can Alternative Therapies Help My Hand Pain?
Yes, far infrared alternative therapies can help safely and gently ease hand pain,
soothe the burning, tingling discomfort of peripheral neuropathy and warm cold,
chilled fingers without the risk of unpleasant side effects frequently caused by
prescription medication.

As health care costs continue to rise, it is increasingly important for us to stay
healthy, active and avoid injury or illness. This is why people are seeking more
natural methods to maintain their good health, treat common illness and relieve
symptoms of pain.

Thermomedic natural therapies offer a safe and effective alternative to
prescription drugs and surgical procedures. Effective as an anti-inflammatory
treatment for arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, Raynauds Syndrome and hand
pain caused by injury or accident.




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