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Health and Medical Treatments With Thermal Therapy

Health and Medical Treatments With Non-Pharmaceutical Treatments for Pain ReliefHealth and Medical Care
Why Do Some People hold onto their physical health
much longer than others........and How Can You Stay Fit
And Active Too?

Did you know in many countries around the world our average life
expectancy is increasing? In The States the average life expectancy
for a man is now 81 years and for a woman, it's 84 years.

So what things can you do, right now, to help you get fit, active and
healthy for a long and happy life?

Arthritis, joint pain and loss of muscle strength are debilitating health
complaints that can be avoided. Each Thermomedic Therapy
Garment has been specially designed to help you maintain optimal
wellness and can be worn in combination offering you your own
personalized support system for maximum therapeutic benefit.

Exercise programs together with the long term use of compressive hip
support underwear can help to reduce hip pain and disability
associated with osteoarthritis.

Did you know that foot disorders in the elderly are extremely common
and are the cause of great pain and disability with a consequent loss
of mobility and independence? This means that maintaining healthy
feet is vital to maintain quality of life as we age. In fact, maintaining
good, general health assists longevity, too.

Using bio-active minerals embedded into the yarn, the beneficial
healing warmth provided by Thermomedic Therapy Garments
improves circulation, eases pain and helps maintain healthy skin to
assist fight bacteria that can cause infection and irritation.

Did you know in the national survey to discover the impact of arthritis
in Australia, 30% of Australians have experienced discrimination at
work because of their arthritis. What would make arthritis sufferers
lives easier? They responded with better education about arthritis
and treatment options for their doctors, better access to medical
care and knowledgeable health care professionals, improved rehabilitation
services and increased funding for medical research into better arthritis
treatments and degenerative joint disease care.

Thermomedic Therapy Garments are specially designed to help
prevent many of the problems associated with muscle pain, joint
stiffness and arthritic diseases once considered by doctors as an
inevitable signs of aging. Choosing excellence in
health and
care can ensure you enjoy an active lifestyle...pain-free!

So, if you're suffering from a chronic illness, Thermomedic far
infrared therapy garments offer you latest, non-pharmaceutical
treatment options available today so that you do not just live with your
condition, you enjoy your life to the fullest!

 Keep Active with Thermomedic!

         The Wise Choice In Health Care.




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