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Health Benefits of Far Infrared Thermal Therapy

 Benefits of Far Infrared Therapy Treatment

What Is Thermal Therapy?

Thermal therapy, also known as heat therapy, is the use of soothing warmth to aid in the treatment of pain, inflammation or joint stiffness caused by injury, illness or just the general aging process.  Far infrared heat therapy can be beneficial for those suffering with arthritis, aching muscles or injury to the deep tissue of the skin. Heat treatment is recommended as an effective, safe self-care treatment for conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia and sporting injuries.

Thermal therapy is frequently used for rehabilitation purposes since the therapeutic effects of heat work to increase the extensibility of collagen tissues, reduce joint stiffness, soothe pain, relieve muscle spasms and improve inflammation to aid in the post acute phase of healing. The increased blood flow to the injured area supplies oxygen for better healing.

How Can Thermal Therapy Help Ease My Pain?

Clinical studies have found that moist heat is no more effective than dry heat. In fact, recent studies indicate that vasodilation, the expansion of the blood vessels to allow more blood flow, is improved with dry heat therapy.

Expansion of the blood capillaries is the primary objective of heat therapy. Heat therapy works to enhance the your own body's natural healing ability.

 How Do Far Infrared Thermal Therapy Clothes Work?

Far infrared heat therapy garments use bio-ceramic fibres which are manufactured permanently into the specific body wrap, for example the therapy vest, therapy gloves or therapy socks, for targeted heat therapy. Thermomedic Therapy Garments are a safe, affordable and highly effective alternative to prescription medications or plugged-in heating pads. Easy to wear and convenient, thermal therapy clothes provides gentle heat to promote vasodilation for improved pain relief without the risk of unpleasant side-effects, sometimes caused by medication.

What Is Far Infrared Radiation?

Far infrared radiation is a safe, natural and very convenient way to heat parts of your body. It has the advantage over direct heat contact as it can be absorbed directly into the affected area where the blood capillaries are without the risk of burning fragile or delicate skin. Far infrared works directly where the healing benefits of warming is required. The good news is, that unlike the sun, far infrared therapy won't cause sunburn or skin damage.

Where Can I get My Far Infrared Therapy Clothes?

Thermomedic Therapy Garments are available exclusively here on our website! We deliver straight to your door, which is so convenient if you are house-bound or live in a remote region.

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