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Healthy Hands and Pain-Free Wrists With Far Infrared Palm Supports

Heal Tingling, Numb and Sore Hands With FIR Therapy Gloves From ThermomedicAre Your Hands Sore, Aching or Feeling Tingling & Numb?

What Is the Best Non-Surgical Treatment For Healthy Hands?
While medication, surgery and injections are available, increasingly, many people
are worried about the long-term consequences of prescription drugs. This is why
those who suffer with hand pain, finger and thumb joint pain find that it can be very
beneficial to wear Thermomedic compression gloves to reduce pain and minimise
inflammation to reduce the need for prescription drugs and corticosteroid
injections. In fact, doctors tell us that wearing a thermal therapy compressive glove
or splint can often resolve many hand problems in the early stages without the use
of drugs or risks of invasive surgery.

Safe, Effective Natural Treatments Recommended for Sore Hands
Wearing compressive therapy gloves with far infrared help to improve circulation
and keep your hands and fingers supported and comfortable. Compressive therapy
gloves also help to soothe and protect your sore hands as you sleep at night so
they feel much improved in the morning.

How Can Thermomedic Therapy Gloves Help Keep Your Hands
Thermomedic therapy gloves help ease the symptoms of sore hands by improving
circulation to ease inflammation, reduce pain and to protect and gently support
your affected fingers and thumb joints for better healing. The warm, soothing heat
created by Thermomedic therapy gloves gently penetrates into the soft tissue, to
stimulate localised circulation and ease soreness to naturally repair and rejuvenate
your sore hands.

Thermomedic therapy gloves with safe, effective far infrared are a non-medicated
treatment to help reduce morning hand pain and joint stiffness, too. This is why, as
more people suffer with debilitating hand, wrist and finger joint pain, the relief and
soothing care from Thermomedic far infrared gloves and wrist supports are the
popular choice for everyone!

Comfortable, easy to wear and available in three styles to suit your everyday
needs, Thermomedic Therapy Garments are so safe, you can wear them day or
night with complete peace of mind.

Thermomedic therapy clothes do not require batteries or a power source
which means there is no risk of burns, you save money and they are
completely go-anywhere and portable!

You can wear them outside when gardening, doing housework or playing

Thermomedic therapy gloves are safe, effective and so very comfortable. This
means you can choose Thermomedic therapy gloves with complete peace of mind.



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