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Heated Gloves For Sore Hands

Heated Gloves and Thermal Palm Supports For Sore Hands and painful WristsHow Do I Use My Therapy Gloves & Palm Supports?

Use of Thermomedic Therapy Gloves and Palm Supports is quite individual.

Generally, many people tell us their hands begin to feel
improved shortly after wearing their therapy gloves. However, most
sufferers of hand, wrist and thumb joint pain enjoy wearing them to bed
each night so that they wake with their joints feeling more mobile and,
depending upon their condition, find they are relieved of numbness, cold
or pain.

Far infrared therapy gloves are also suitable to wear when using the
computer so many people use them whenever they type to help relieve
pain associated with carpal tunnel syndrome or RSI.

Thermomedic H
eated Gloves and Palm Supports do not contain medications

or any lead compounds so they are non-toxic and very safe to wear, even
for long-term therapy. If you suffer from hand pain you may safely use them
to ease joint stiffness, soreness and pins and needles so that you can
enjoy a happy, active life.  

FIR therapy gloves are a most effective natural treatment to help ease
thumb joint pain and soreness resulting from sporting injuries or RSI.

Of course, pain relief is very personal since everyone's needs and
responses are different but the more severe the condition the greater the
benefit you may gain with prolonged use. Thermomedic Therapy Gloves
and far infrared Palm Supports are long-wearing so you can safely wear

them for years to ease hand and wrist pain.

You can also wear a combination of Thermomedic Therapy Garments to
customize your therapeutic treatment to suit your own needs.




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