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Hip Joint Pain

HipJoint Pain Relief With Far Infrared Thermal Underwear and Girdles For Men and WomenHip Joint Pain

Natural Healing Benefits For Hip Joint Replacement & Hip Surgery

Did you know suffering a hip fracture can be a serious health issue,
especially if you're older or suffer with other health complications?
Fortunately, surgery to repair a hip fracture is very effective.
Full hip
surgery replaces all or just a part of your hip joint with
an artificial device to relieve pain and help restore hip joint movement.

While you may suffer a hip fracture at any age, most people who suffer
with hip fractures are over 65 years. This is because as you age, your
bones can lose vital minerals, becoming less dense, which weakens
your bones making them more susceptible to a hip fracture.

What Are The Symptoms of Hip Fracture?
Generally, the symptoms of hip fracture are:

~ Inability to move following a fall
~ Strong pain around your hip or groin area
~ You are unable to take weight on your leg on your injured hip
~ You have stiffness, bruising or swelling in your hip
~ Your leg is shorter on the side of your sore hip
~ Your leg turns out on the side of the injured hip

According to the
Mayo Clinic, most hip fractures happen in one of two
places, the femoral neck or the intertrochanteric hip region.  

What Causes Hip Pain?
Most frequently, back and hip pain results from accidental injury or hip
fracture, which is often caused by:

~ Trauma from a fall
~ Injury to your hip joint, such as from a car accident
~ Suffering weak, brittle bones with osteoporosis

What are the Risk Factors for Hip Problems?
There are a combination of factors that can increase your risk of a hip
fracture pain. These include:

~ Your age, which can increase your risk of hip fractures because your
bone density decreases, eyesight and sense of balance begin to
~ Your sex, because statistics show women suffer almost 80% of all hip
fractures since women lose bone density faster than men.
~ Other chronic medical conditions can also increase your risk of hip
problems. We know osteoporosis is a well-known risk factor for hip
thigh pain.
~ Certain prescription drugs can adversely effect on your bone
strength, especially if you take them for long periods of time.
~ Poor diet and eating disorders can damage your bone health.
~ Lack of weight-bearing exercises can cause lower bone density for
weaker bones. Further, long-term bed rest or immobility may cause
bone loss.
~ Smoking and too much alcohol can also cause bone loss.

What Is The Best Natural Treatment for Hip Surgery?
When you are recovering from a painful hip fracture you will need to
allow yourself adequate time for rehabilitation and healing. Your aim is
to regain mobility for a full and active life-style. With healing, you will be
able to slowly take more weight on your injured hip until you can move
without pain or stiffness. Far infrared hip supports and girdles are an
ideal choice for recuperation following hip surgery to assist with your
recovery. Thermomedic compressive hip support undergarments are
specially designed to help retain the position of surgical dressings as
well as gently ease pain and reduce hip joint stiffness for improved

hip replacements, you may need the use of a walking aid.
Further, physiotherapists advise you can help speed up the healing
process to increase your chances of recovery by wearing compression

Far infrared therapy hip supports may help relieve hip pain and
improve circulation to assist with the rehabilitation process.




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