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Hip Replacement Surgery

Hip Replacement Surgery Post-Operative Care

 Far Infrared Therapy Garments Aid in the Healing & Control of Painful Hip Joints, Stiffness & Discomfort of Arthritis, Surgery or Injury Following a Fall

Thermomedic therapy clothes offer a non-medicated range of hip and limb
protectors designed to help soothe sore hips and minimize the risk of injury from
falls or bumps, are easy to use and offers excellent elasticity for dressing
retention while allowing the skin to breathe naturally.

Can I Use Thermomedic Seamless Hip Supports For Post-
Operative Recovery?
Yes, the mild-level to firm compressive support of Thermomedic Therapy
Garments are an especially effective aid for post-operative recovery. Physicians
advise the use of compressive hip supports following surgery or trauma to
lessen recovery time, reduce swelling and provide support during recuperation.

Injuries to hips and limbs, as well as incontinence, can be a major problem for
the frail and elderly and for their health carers. Thermomedic offer a quality
range of post-operative garments including seamless hip protectors suitable for
both men and women. Their slip-on, slim-fit styling ensures ease of use and
comfort. Made from patented bio-ceramic fibres, the Thermomedic Hip Support
is worn directly against the skin to provide maximum therapeutic benefit.

How Can Thermomedic Hip Supports Help Me Following Hip
Replacement Surgery?
Following hip joint arthroplasty, it is suggested that earlier mobilisation may lead
to reduced pain and faster recovery. Wearing far infrared therapy garments
may assist in reducing the length of rehabilitation. Many patients who
understand the benefit of natural and safe health care treatments find they may
heal more quickly, especially when combined with good patient support and
rehabilitation options.

Thermomedic Therapy Hip Support underwear for men and women can provide
gentle compressive support which may assist to improve mobility.

Who Is At Risk of Hip Pain & Hip Replacement Surgery?
Did you know about 76% of all hip fractures occur in women? The rate of hip
fractures increase with age among men and women. People aged 85 or older
are more likely to sustain hip injuries and require hip replacement surgery.
Further statistics show, Osteoporosis can increase your likelihood of sustaining
a hip fracture or suffering chronic hip pain.

Can Hip Pain Be Prevented?
Hip pain and hip fractures can be avoided by preventing falls. The most
effective way to prevent hip pain is to combine exercise with other fall prevention
strategies. Doctors advise we exercise regularly to reduce the risk of injury by
increasing our muscle strength and balance. Hip support underpants may aid
improvement in
joint mobility while reducing pain and inflammation to let us
enjoy an active lifestyle!

Hip Surgery
The most successful and common form of arthroplasty is the surgical
replacement of arthritic, destructive or necrotic joint or joint surface with
prosthesis. A hip joint that is affected by
osteoarthritis may be replaced
entirely, called a total hip arthroplasty, with a prosthetic hip. This can involve
replacing both the acetabulum (hip socket) and the head and neck of the femur.
The purpose of this procedure is to relieve pain, to restore range of motion and
to improve walking ability, thus leading to the improvement of muscle strength.

The gentle warmth offered by hip support underpants may also help ease the
pain associated with
hernia and post operative surgery.

Understanding Bio-Ceramic Thermal Therapy
All tissue in the human body requires blood to survive. This process is called
Angiogenesis - the growth of new blood vessels. Under normal healthy
conditions, new vessels grow to restore blood to damaged tissue.

In the case of disease and injury, however, the adequate growth of these
healing blood vessels can be inhibited. THERMOMEDIC Therapy Garments use
the scientific principles of far infrared thermal technology as a non-toxic, non-
invasive therapy that may assist to enhance the blood supply that your body’s
cellular tissue requires to restore normal biologic function.

When investing in your health and wellbeing with
far infrared health care
garments, it is so important to choose products that will deliver the results you
want, as comfortably, safely and effectively as possible. Good health is about
quality and value that you can trust.





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